World-wide P2P User Increase

By Jon Newton 9/02/04

The number of active p2p users around the world has increased by about 15% since July, say new findings from a Canadian p2p monitoring company.

The statistic, from Quebec's IT Innovations and Concepts (ITIC), dramatically contradicts Big Four record label cartel statements that its sue 'em all campaign is having a major effect on file sharing.

And BitTorrent - "the most reliable but also the less secure P2P platform among those at the TOP of the charts" - seems to be the platform of choice for "movie piracy and software piracy," says ITIC.

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FastTrack is still the number one network, it says, stating that the user base increased significantly immediately following the landmark Morpheus / Grokster ruling, although ITIC also agreed the end of the holiday season might also have accounted for the increase.

However, eDonkey is still doing well as a serious competitor to Kazaa.

"Small emerging platforms (mainly those relying on anonymous and encrypted networks) are also accountable for such a strong growth; they recently reached an overall population of more than 1M active users," says ITIC.

"The 'More secure networks' trend should be watched closely," it adds.


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