iTunes on a roll in the UK

By Jon Newton 6/23/04

Britain's OD2 music download operation is on the run, with Napster II nowhere to be seen.

That's about the size of it, according to Apple which says its iTunes sold 800,000 songs in first week, 450,000 of then in the UK, states a MacDailyNews story here.

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However, that could change.

America's Loudeye now owns OD2 (On Demand Distribution), as well as p2p 'piracy protection' firm Overpeer, which means it has an in-house p2p scalp-hunter.

iTunes recently launched in the UK, with Alicia 'You can download, but if you like what you hear, go out and buy it' Keys doing the honours in the UK.

Coca-Cola's recently claimed it was still Europe's biggest online store, saying it was ahead of the curve.

However, none of the plastic music sites supported and supplied by the Big Five record labels even begin to touch what's happening with downloads in the real world.

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