iPod Buyers Guide Released

By Richard Menta 11/03/04

Touted as the free guide to all things iPod, the folks over at iPodLounge have released their 2004 iPod buyers guide.The guide holds about 80 pages of iPod stuff, covering the iPod and all of the related "Pod-o-belia" one can imagine.

Including a review of the iPod Photo, which was only released a little over a week prior to the publication, this handy map of the iPod stars covers troubleshooting tips and recommends pod peripherals for both the newbie as well as those on their second player. The iPod buyers guide has over 200 items worth.

What stands out most about the guide is the professional and very stylish look about the document, which in print form could easily reside on national newstands for a few bucks a pop. Indeed, iPodLounge makes this comment on their site about the guide:

We have taken a completely new approach to distributing this magazine. Instead of asking our readers to cough up $6 to buy the Guide in a store, we are providing it for free online and taking mass advantage of file-sharing networks to spread it around the world.

The guide can be downloaded here. Those interested in this year's new iPod competition can view our iPod Killers for Xmas list articles below.

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