Ares/Warez P2P Blasts Past 300,000 Users

By Tom Mennecke 3/26/04

If you are Alberto, the lead programmer of the Ares/Warez P2P network, things are sitting rather pretty right now. For a P2P application that started off as a Gnutella client in 2002, Ares has redefined itself as a leading member of the file-sharing community.

Ares has maintained an interesting history in the file-sharing world. In late 2002, Ares began its existence as a Gnutella client. Dissatisfied with simply being another client on a network overpopulated with various clients, Albert reintroduced Ares as an independent community. For much of 2003, Ares maintained a slow, yet steady rate of growth.

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While many other networks, namely FastTrack, buckled from the RIAA onslaught, Ares has been the exception. In addition, powerful communities such as the Manolito P2P network have stagnated, as its population eagerly awaits the next iteration of Blubster/Piolet.

Even as the RIAA files more "John Doe" lawsuits, the Ares/Warez P2P population has managed to triple since earlier this year when it broke 100,000 users. There are several reasons for its execptional success.

Constant Upgrades The one thing you will not have to worry about with Ares is the lack of updates. Ares is constantly being developed, with new builds often being released on a weekly basis.

Community Support Another key element of any P2P network's success is its community support. While Ares/Warez P2P may not be the golden egg of file-sharing, its community is on par with SoulSeek, as the developer maintains an open dialog with the population. The Ares/Warez P2P community forum,, keeps people abreast of new features, bug fixes, etc., while allowing the user base to provide feedback to further improve the network.

Warez P2P Warez P2P is the adware version of Ares (Ares does have adware, however there is no forced installation.) It is basically the same client as Ares, however it does install a data miner on your computer (you can opt out of the other goodies.) Although it does contain adware, it is a clever campaign to further advertise the network. This technique is not new of course, as FastTrack and the Manolito P2P network have both had various levels of success implementing this idea. The Ares/Warez P2P network has demonstrated the most success out of the three, as its population has exploded since its introduction.

So, is Ares/Warez P2P the ace of base of file-shairng? Certainly not, as comparable networks such as the Manolito P2P network still manage to out perform it in many areas. However, for many of the aforementioned reasons, it is clear that having constant upgrades and a strong community is just as important as a resourceful client. Ares has much growth a head of it, however it is clear that it is no longer the lacking community it was even 6 months ago. Search results are very thorough, and downloads no longer take a light year to complete. Slyck looks forward to the continued development of this network, and if Ares can maintain its vigor, it is very possible it may be the next community to join the million-user club



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