Winners of The Movies For Music Contest

By Jon Newton 9/15/04

The first Movies for Music contest sponsored by p2pnet and Downhill Battle is now complete and we're happy to announce three winners - AND an honorable mention.

We called for:

* The RIAA in 30 Seconds: 30-second TV ad-style videos that got right to the point.
* Everything else: Any other kind of video or animation as long as it focused on the music industry.

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And that's exactly what we got with the winners coming from both North and South America, and the Honorable Mention going to Europe.

The Número Um place goes to...

... Daniel Sollero, 30, a Brazilian movie and music aficionado who's planning more in the way of movies.

The singer and composer for rock band moebius, he's also the mastermind behind É Isso, a collective of creative people interested in media and who work with literature, music and video. Currently, his plans are to solidify his as-yet untitled electronica project, as well as to shoot his first short film.

Download his Self Defense here.

The Number Two spot goes to Micaela Durand who lives on Long Island in New York.

She says she has:

Download Micaela's Flash movie Munster here.

And in third position is Rick Fulkerson. He and his family live on the south coast of Oregon in Coos Bay where he owns and runs a small computer store north of the city. 

Rick has a degree in theatre and attended graduate school and says his interests have always been in the arts and film. 

Download Rick's Music Industry Mafia here.

Up for an Honourable Mention is Gabriele Di Stefano's Trouble.

Gabriele, 23, lives in Rome, Italy, and is studying computer science. His hobbies are hobbies are painting, poetry and post-rock music. Gabriele told us, "When I read on a Italian newspaper of this contest three days before, I didn't lose any lose time."

Download Trouble here.

First prize - a Zvue handheld video player - goes to Daniel, and the other winners will get a handsome Downhill Battle t-shirt of their choice : )

To all the people who submitted videos which didn't make it ------ Thanks a lot. Your efforts were very much appreciated. (And why not try again? See below ; )

And we'd also like to add a special word of thanks to the judges, Canada's Richard Bond, until recently a Nelvana film editor and maker of the acclaimed documentary/travelogue The Road to Castagno, and James Saldana (see below).

Coming up ...

Based on reader interest, p2pnet has decided to make Free the Music! an annual event with film-maker and activist James Saldana taking charge of next year's contest.

Saldana is the man you could almost say got the ball rolling with his amazing 2004 SuperBowl anti-RIAA parody "Fight Back!"

The 2005 contest will be dramatically expanded and artists will have 12 months to produce film shorts or full length documentaries on issues centering on the Bad and the Ugly - the entertainment industry fronts such as the RIAA and MPAA who are still trying to control what you see and hear on- and offline, and to make you pay through the nose for the privilege.

There'll be more prizes and more film categories, as well as a panel of independent artists and musicians to judge the results.

So start getting your ideas together!

We'll be posting more on this in the coming weeks.


Jon Newton is the editor of and is a regular contributer to MP3 Newswire. Jon's site is devoted to the politics of digital music and his insights as well as those of his co-writers can be read there. We urge you to explore it.

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