Creative MuVo2 Adds Color

By Richard Menta 9/01/04

Creative has just released its upgrade to the MuVo 2 FM. The UK Register just alerted its readers in a move to be more "iPod-like" the MuVo now comes in 5 pretty colors.

I guess it's unfair to call one of the pioneers of the MP3 portable market a follower, but that just shows the influence Apple has made.

One of the first digital music portable manufacturers, Creative always made solid players. But as the iPod line of players has captured such a large market share it has left everyone else to scramble for what's left. Also, the iPod is no longer just an electronic device, its the latest fashion. Like cars with fins, Creative is going with the flow to make a sale, nothing more. That's why Creative's new Zen Touch also wears a white skin.

Long gone are the days of the Nomad Jukebox I when it was the number one portable. Before the iPod Creative battled with Rio for the top player and then Intel introduced the wonderful PocketConcert, which took the top spot for a while. Competition was fierce, which is always good for the consumer because it means better products.

Apple became number one not on looks, but because it built the better mousetrap. This has pushed the rest of the market to improve their wares dramatically. The colors are nice, but the insides count too.

The updated MuVo2 FM has increased capacity from 4GB to 5GB to match the capacity of the new Rio Carbon and up the iPod mini by 1GB. The new colors are available now.


The 20GB Zen Touch is the latest iPod challenger and is available on Amazon



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