LimeWire 4.2 Introduces Firewall-to-Firewall Transfers

By Thomas Mennecke 11/14/04

LimeWire, a leading (if not the leading) Gnutella client furthers its contributions to this network by introducing firewall to firewall transfers. According to LimeWire, 60% of users are firewalled, severely restricting the resourcefulness of the network. The new upgrades should vastly improve the availability of files for LimeWire users. Check out the press release below:

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Peer to Peer File Sharing Leader Lime Wire LLC

Releases LimeWire 4.2

New Technology Allows Many Firewalled Users to Share Files for the First Time

Lime Wire LLC, (, the leading designer and developer of advanced P2P file sharing software, announced today the release of LimeWire 4.2, a superior file sharing application introducing firewall to firewall transfer technology, network connections up to four times faster than before, complete iTunes integration on both Mac and PC, and much more. Lime Wire continues its guarantee of no bundled software and no spyware. Lime Wire 4.2 will be available on November 17 from, with versions for both PRO customers and users of LimeWire BASIC, a free version.

“Lime Wire continues to set the standard for innovation in peer to peer file sharing,” said Chief Operating Officer Greg Bildson. “Our customers have responded appreciatively to our guarantee that Lime Wire has no bundled software or spyware. Performance and trust has lead to a doubling in our number of users since May.”

LimeWire 4.2 runs on the world’s most popular operating systems, including Windows, Mac and Linux, and can be used by the entire Internet community. Version 4.2 builds on the popularity of version 4.0 with the following brand new features:

1) Firewall to Firewall transfers. With 60% of users currently firewalled, this greatly increases content on the network.

2) Faster network connections than ever before.

3) More comprehensive search results.

4) Completely new MP3 player, with better performance, and OGG audio file support.

5) iTunes integration on Windows.

6) New file view, making it easier to share files directly with friends.

7) New icons, improving the look and feel of Lime Wire.

For more information on Lime Wire or to download LimeWire 4.2 , please visit the Lime Wire website at

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