Latest KaZaa Lite to Block RIAA Snooping

By Richard Menta 7/15/03

When the Record Industry Association of America (RIAA) announced that they would begin to seek out individual file traders it caused a considerable uproar in the press. It also lead P2P companies who already had in development stealth tools to protect the identity of their users to step up the pace and roll them into their next releases. KaZaa lite and Kazaa K++ , two offshoots of the original KaZaa program, have released new versions of their clients with these protection tools included.

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Both utilize the PeerGuardian database of IP addresses. PeerGardian was one of the first devices to appear that specifically set out to block scans by the RIAA and others on the activities of P2P users. Built by the contributions of individual users, PeerGardian achieves this by assembling a range of suspect IP addresses utilized by content providers. Similar to blacklisting techniques used by some spam reducing products, how accurate and effective this process is still is up for debate. Still, there are very few options available right now for file traders.

The latest version of KaZaa lite can be found here.


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