p2pnet.net and dmusic to join forces

By Jon Newton 6/26/03

p2pnet.net founder Jon Newton is joining dmusic. And he's taking the site with him.

"I'm a musician as well as a writer," says Newton. "Now I'll be able to plug into the international independent music scene, and go on reporting on the continuing extortions and depredations of the RIAA and MPAA and their owners in the recording and movie industries."

He'll be news director and features editor for dmusic and associated sites.

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Newton will also be working with dmusic's Larry Feldman and Boycott-RIAA's Bill Evans to introduce DigitalNewService, an original and unique concept in information dissemination, focusing on digital media news and events.

"Jon's insight and ability to cut through the fog of the RIAA and explain the issues in a clear, easy to understand manner will be a huge asset to dmusic," said Evans.

"Dmusic is excited to have Jon aboard," said Feldman. "He understands the need for independent music and news syndication around the world, and brings an international flavor."

p2p will hook into dmusic sometime within the next two weeks.

Comments or thoughts? p2pnet.net.


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Jon Newton is the editor of p2pnet.net and is a regular contributer to MP3 Newswire. Jon's site is devoted to the politics of digital music and his insights as well as those of his co-writers can be read there. We urge you to explore it.

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