RIAA, p2p reps to meet at Coleman hearing

By Jon Newton 9/18/03

Senator Norm Coleman wants the music and motion picture industries to get ahead of the curve in creating new customers, instead of alienating them.

Saying he's scheduled a September 30 hearing of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (PSI), of he's the chairman, Coleman says the hearing will, "scrutinize the RIAA's crackdown on illegal file-sharers".

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The subcommittee will also examine the impact of technology on the future of the entertainment industry, proposals by peer-to-peer networks to change their business models and the potential changes that are coming in the recording industry, including the motion picture industry, he says in a statement, going on:

"My goal is to focus on today's problems facing both consumers and the industry given the runaway expansion of file-sharing with an eye toward tomorrow's solutions. I want to seek balanced solutions that preserve individual privacy, protect industry copyrights, and look to a future in which the music and motion picture industries are ahead of the digital curve in creating new customers instead of alienating them."

Coleman says "key" issues to be examined include:

"While still being compiled, the panels will likely include representatives of the RIAA, the peer-to-peer industry, other entertainment industry representatives, a subject of an RIAA subpoena and a perspective of an entirely new business model that assumes future changes in technology and its impact on the entertainment industry," he adds.


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