Website coalition ready for boycott if lobby sues users again.

By Jon Newton 10/10/03

The RIAA is using its subpoena campaign to terrorize people into buying their owners' products. But a group of web pages have come together to show the labels that their lawsuits will hurt them where they feel pain the most - in their wallets.

They've joined to launch, designed specifically to organize a one week boycott of RIAA music starting with the next round of lawsuits against music fans.

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The first 20 sites to get involved are: will include a link for every endorsing site and will regularly update and publish a list of everyone who's involved on,,,, and

Email from your domain to join. And don't forget pass this message to other sites.

By being part of this broad coalition of websites calling for a boycott, you'll also be part of the story when the next round of lawsuits is filed.


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