XoloX Applauds US Court Ruling

Press Release 4/29/03

Already operating under an affirmative court ruling in its native Netherlands protecting the legality of peer-to-peer (P2P) software, Dutch file-sharing developer is now on fast track (pun intended? -- editor) for expansion.

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, April 28 - "We are pleased that the United States courts have reached a similar decision as did the Dutch Court of Appeals to protect the development and distribution of file-sharing software," said Arno Steenbekkers, managing director of Netherlands-based XoloX B.V. "We have been waiting for the day that we could expand our operations on a more global scale without the threat and intimidation of litigation. Perhaps now the entertainment industry will be more willing to put their time, effort and money behind finding ways to embrace technological innovation so that they and their artists can profit from it, instead of spending their profits on attorney fees trying to stop it."

The Nomad Zen can be ordered from Amazon.

In anticipation of greater demand for Gnutella-based file sharing clients, XoloX has released a new and more robust "Ultra" version 1.56 of their popular software. The new version provides greater connectivity and better search results across the Gnutella network, while still maintaining the ease of installation and use that has made XoloX a favorite of more than 2 million users worldwide. XoloX Ultra 1.56 is available as a free download at www.xolox.com.

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