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By Thomas Mennecke 2/04/03

For the last 24 hours, the popular Soulseek network and website has been unavailable to its wide userbase. Because their host cache uses the same IP address as their web server (Shareaza revisited), the network is not accessible. Information gathered by reports that the lone operator of Soulseek, Nir, is simply switching web hosts. From Napjunk:

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steve says: Hey, I've had several users e-mail me and msg me on AIM/MSN asking if Soulseek was down, since a lot of users seem to be having problems connecting to the network. Was wondering if ya could tell me whatís up so i can have something to tell them other than "i donít know, check back later to see if we find anything out"

Nir Says: Yeah, it's gonna be down for about three days. We're switching providers.

News as to why Nir is switching web hosts remain unclear. There are unconfirmed threads stating that the RIAA has filed an injunction against Soulseek. If you read German, you can also find more information on this on the unofficial Soulseek forum: here. We have emailed Nir, and hope to provide resolution to this situation in the near future.

Soulseek has become wildly popular in the P2P world. Its fast, reliable network, coupled by a wide variety of dance, techno and house music, has made this community one of the best kept P2P secrets.

Napjunk's Soulseek interview.

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