More File Traders Sued by RIAA

by Richard Menta, 12/03/03

41 new lawsuits. That is how many more file traders The Recording Industry of America has filed legal action against today.

It should not come as a surprise as the initial results from the earlier suits seem to show that the action is having some effect in the music industry's war against file trading. At the very least there is no sign of consumer backlash at the record stores predicted by many pundits (this one included).

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Sure, suing 12 year-old girls looked bad in the press, but the record lobby managed to do quick enough damage control to limit any ill effects.

This is the third wave of suits by the RIAA bringing the total number sued to 382. The RIAA plans to warn an additional 90 users in the coming days. They know most will eventually settle. Faced with stratopheric legal bills, many of those named in the first two rounds folded and quickly settled with the RIAA out of court.

Those who want to see what the others have settled for can check our ongoing list here.



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