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By Thomas Mennecke 1/18/02

KaZaaLite is alive story update here -- editor December 7 2003

KaZaA Lite has always been a popular force in the FastTrack community. However, its presence has been somewhat troublesome for Sharman Networks, the spearhead of this enormous network. Although staunchly opposed to Kazaa Lite (aka K++), we haven't seen Sharman persue it's distributors as aggressively as Grokster. Sharman Networks provided this statement regarding so-called 'scam' sites:

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Software like the so-called Kazaa Lite/Gold and Diet Kazaa cause significant problems, as Sharman hears from many confused and angry consumers upon their discovery that the allegedly new and improved version of the software (for which they paid a monthly fee) is an old version of the software available for free from Sharman. In addition, the alterations incorporated into the scam software could cause incompatibility, file corruption or problems with the installation and operation of the Kazaa Media Desktop software - resulting in inconvenience to Sharman's customers and damage to Sharman's business reputation.

Furthermore, their use of the tradename 'KaZaA' falsely implies a connection or affiliation with Sharman's KaZaA Media Desktop software and the domain name, and taints Sharman with both the corrupt software and their dubious business practices.

That being said, we continue to see KaZaA Lite being developed in tandem with the official release client. Over the last week, many of the remaining bugs associated with version 2.02 have been worked out. Check out the latest release notes below:

No more bugs that make the program crash.

My Shared Folder is located in the root of the system drive by default.

Files from Sig2Dat quicklinks will be added directly to the download queue. This works properly now.

Added keyboard shortcuts.

Shortcuts to My Shared Folder are now dynamic. They will always work regardless of the location of your shared folder.

Check out KaZaA Lite here.

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