KaAaA Lite Privacy Tool

By Thomas Mennecke 2/18/03

In light of the recent events with Verizon and the RIAA, privacy concerns have become paramount to many in the P2P world. Some P2P communities, such as Filetopia, have become popular because of it anonymity features. Until now, the FastTrack network had no mechanisms to protect its users from the prying eyes of the music and movie industry.

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With the RIAA struggling to retrieve the name of the alleged Kazaa pirate, it has become apparent that countermeasures need to taken. The KaZaA Lite team has released a tool that prevents other people from listing your available files. Of course, the only downside to this is the interpretation that you're a leech. Nothing is perfect but this is the first real step taken to protect privacy on the FastTrack network.

You can download this tool and read the press release here.


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