New Site Promotes Dialogue on Both Sides of P2P

November 03, 2003:

A new site meant to foster working relationships between all sides in the p2p file sharing wars has just gone online.

IMIRA (International Music Industry Reform Association - is the brainchild of Bill Evans who founded which, possibly more than any other site, has focused international attention on a music industry controlled by the Big Five record labels to the practical exclusion of all else.

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"It's now time to move on," says Evans. "IMIRA will provide a middle ground. Issues centering on music, consumer and artist rights and concerns can be discussed freely and openly, and by parties from all sides. IMIRA will promote discussion on a music industry that takes market, customer and artist concerns and interests equally into account."

The subpoena war used by the record labels' RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) to relentlessly terrorize people it claims infringe copyrights by sharing music online has achieved little else other than to alienate people around the world, says Evans, going on:

"It's time for everyone within the music industry, smaller and independent labels included, to start taking advantage of the tremendously exciting opportunities p2p (peer-to-peer) file sharing offers listeners, music-makers and business people on- and offline."

Evans says IMIRA is now looking for article submissions and editorials from consumers and artists, both major label and independents. "We'll keep your name confidential if people want it that way, and names and contact information will NEVER be given out, sold or added to any list without clearly stated prior permission," he promises.

Working with him is's Jon Newton (

"Any number of potentially viable solutions exist," Newton says. "But every one of these has its own advocates and to the considerable benefit of the major record labels, they're frequently at odds with each other and out of synch with the realities of artist, business and consumer needs.

"Musicians and the on- and offline music loving public must now start working together to drag the record labels into the new millennium. We hope we can help them do this with IMIRA."

Forums will be open and free for anyone, anywhere, no matter which side of a particular fence they're on.

Although there's no membership fee, and no charges, "We can use all the help we can get," Evans says. "$1 or $100 - anything you can contribute will will be great. If you can't afford anything, welcome anyway."

For more information:

Bill Evans: 215 825-7616 (email
Jon Newton: 206 347-6068 (email



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