Fizzer just loves Kazaa

By Jon Newton 5/22/03

May 8 was the date Fizzer, a mass-mailing worm that sends itself to all contacts in the Windows Address Book, appeared for the first time.

And Fizzer really likes Kazaa.

McAfee says Fizzer has all kinds of components and an internal timer to trigger different processes at different times, going on that these include addresses gathered from different places such as Outlook Contacts list, Windows Address Book (WAB), addresses found on the local system, randomly manufactured addresses; and, IRC bot; AIM bot; Keylogger; KaZaa worm; HTTP server; Remote access server; Self-updating mechanism; and, Anti-virus software termination

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It also says not only does the worm have its own SMTP engine and uses the default SMTP server as specified in the Internet Account Manager registry settings, it can also use any one of several hundred different external SMTP servers.

It turns up as an email attachment and, McAfee continues:

"The from address can be forged such that the apparent sender is not the actual sender. Message body and subject lines vary, as do attachment names. Attachments use standard executable extensions (.com, .exe, .pif, .scr). Such as:

Subject: why?
Body: The peace
Attachment: desktop.scr

Subject: Re: You might not appreciate this...
Body: lautlach
Attachment: service.scr

Subject: Re: how are you?
Body: I sent this program (Sparky) from anonymous places on the net
Attachment: Jesse20.exe

Subject: Fwd: Mariss995
Body: There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.
Attachment: Mariss995.exe

Subject: Re: The way I feel - Remy Shand
Body: Nein
Attachment: Jordan6.pif

Go here for more on Fizzer.

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