Open letter to Cary Sherman and the RIAA

Dear Cary:

In the last 24 hours, you and the RIAA have dumped on your own doorstep, shot yourselves in the foot and managed to get huge amounts of egg not merely all over your own faces, but also on that of the entire entertainment industry.

And for that we thank you. Heartily.

Was the sue 'em all campaign your former boss Hilary Rosen's brainchild, or was it yours? We wonder.

But whoever it was deserves our gratitude. Because your subpoena campaign, and its aftermath in America's courts, has achieved more in a few hours than we at,, and have been able to manage in three years.

Now the whole world knows what we, and millions of other online music lovers, have known for years: that you and your entertainment industry are corrupt, self-serving and bloody minded.

And your troubles are only just beginning.

We're now averaging around 650 to 750 people online at any given time, which is clogging up the pipes a bit. Not that we're complaining : )

Nor are we alone. Thanks to your campaign web sites like ours are gaining supporters hand-over-fist.

So what? - you ask.

These people were once your customers.

Now the tide has finally turned. When you and the RIAA tried to sue a 12-year-old girl and a 71-year-old grandfather, the world saw you as you really are.

Nothing could have better underscored your insufferable arrogance.

You may also have noticed that the mainstream media who, until now, have been used to treating your every utterance as if it was the truth, are also seeing the light.

Read the papers, Cary, and watch the news.

And remember how it was with the USSR. One day it ruled half the world, and then ...

Yours with grateful thanks,
Bill Evans, Boycott-RIAA
Larry Feldman,
Jon Newton,

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