Xolox Returns with the Release of 1.8

We were more than halfway through a review on Xolox when the team that created the program announced they were shutting it down. It was a shame and as we wrote in our story MP3 2001 in Review: The Losers "This P2P program took up less than 400K of space on the drive, had no spyware, was simple and easy to use, and was the first to allow simultaneous searches of multiple files. One of the best new Napster clones to appear, fear of litigation forced its creators to shut the project down. It's hard to afford court costs when you can't even pay your lawyer's initial consultation fee".

As Bruce Springsteen wrote in Atlantic City "Everything dies baby that's a fact, But maybe everything that dies someday comes back". Today is someday. Xolox has come back. -- editor

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XoloX Press Release

As you all know by now, XoloX has been re-released under the protections of the recent Dutch court ruling. We were emailed this press release by the good people over at XoloX:

XoloX is Back!

Dutch file-sharing developer is the first to operate under an affirmative court ruling protecting the legality of peer-to-peer (P2P) software.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 3 - Spurred by the recent Dutch Court of Appeals ruling that protects the development and distribution of file-sharing software, Netherlands-based XoloX B.V. has today made a highly anticipated return to the peer-to-peer community. Once very popular in file-sharing circles, with more that a million users, XoloX discontinued development of their software last year due to the November 2001 Dutch court legal ruling against another Netherlands-based file-sharing company, Kazza.

The court ruling held Kazz liable for Napster-like copyright infringement ordering the company to shut down or face $40,000 in daily fines. Unlike Kazaa, Xolox does not operate a private user network, but connects to the public Gnutella network. On March 28, 2002, the Dutch Court of Appeals reversed the lower court's opinion. While the decision came too late for Kazaa, which was sold to an Australian firm, the ruling has paved the way for the current comeback of XoloX.

P2P Internet site have been buzzing for weeks about the rumor that XoloX was returning. XoloX originally burst on the file-sharing scene last summer and quickly gained a big following due to its ease of use, powerful search results and unforgettable quirky name (pronounced Zo-locks). "We developed XoloX with the three goals in mind: ease of use, reliability and speed," said Arno Steenbekkers, managing director of the newly resurrected XoloX B.V. and one of the original company's founders. "We borrowed AOL's market strategy of making a complex technology as simply as possible to use so that it would have mass-market appeal. We intend on bringing P2P file sharing to a legion of new fans that up to now have found other software applications just too difficult to use."

XoloX gained its reputation as innovators by being the first Gnutella client to offer multiple downloading and partial downloads, similar to its former countrymen, Kazaa. However, unlike the published media reports raising privacy concerns about the use of Kazaa, XoloX does not contain any 3rd party software, commonly referred to as Spyware or Sneakware.

XoloX is a free download available from xolox.nl, or other Internet sites such as www.download.com.

Amsterdam based XoloX B.V. provides powerful, yet simple to use, peer-to-peer technologies combining global communications, unparalleled media searching and information sharing with virally spawned user communities.


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