Beta Testers Wanted for Two New Nike/Phillips MP3 Players

By Robert Menta 7/16/02

PSA stands for Portable Sports Audio and when we tested the Nike/Sonic Blue PSA[Play 120 last year it immediately became a favorite player of ours (I still use it in my regular gym workouts). Nike has since shifted to an alliance with Philips electronics who have kept the shape of the original PSA line and expanded it into several new offerings. Now before their release, Philips is offering 100 users the opportunity to beta test two of the units.

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The first player is the PSA[128 Max, the successor to the PSA[Play 120 with the addition on a display on the body of the unit itself (the original player's screen was located on the external remote control). The unit offers 128MB of internal memory and runs for 10 hours on a single AAA battery (the PSA[Play 120 did this with a heavier AA battery).

The second player is the PSA[CD8, an 8mm CD portable that like the other PSA units straps to your body with an included armband. The unit also comes with a healthy 480 seconds of memory buffer for skip protection.

Those interested in beta testing the new units can apply online here. Applications can be submitted from 2:00 AM, Monday, July 15, 2002 PST to 6:00 PM, Sunday, August 18, 2002 PST. Participants will be contacted by email within 7 days after the drawing.


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