New P2P News Site Goes Online

By Richard Menta 9/1/02

As the struggle between P2P technology, the people who use it, and the content industry that wants to shut it down continues to grow, so does the controversy it generates.

The content industry has money and congressional influence on its side. Power it hopes to use to take control of Net music. The opposing side, consisting of millions of the content industry's own consumers, feel there is nothing wrong with file trading and resent being labeled as "pirates". Their power lies in population and a relatively uniform voice that swapping music online is OK.

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Their voice is projected over the various media from the major broadcast and newspaper chains to major Net outlets like CNET and Salon to sites focused specifically on digital media like Zeropaid, OpenP2P,, the defunct Webnoize, and our own A new outlet has joined the fray.

Started by Jon Newton of Music Dish, who serves as the site's editor, is a new info/News site that focuses specifically on the politics and technology of Napster's spawn with a very pro P2P attitude. So pro P2P that it also qualifies as a protest site, looking to balance out the words of the record industry with commentary supporting what Newton calls in the site's press release "a naturally evolving, and vital, part of Net growth and development.

One of the site's very vocal goals is the defeat of HR 5211, the bill introduced by Congressman Howard Berman (D-California) that if passed would give the content industry the legal exclusion to hack into the computer's of individual users to physically remove what they deem as "illicit" content.

P2Pnet's commentary is provided by Newton and contributors including blues singer Zola Moon who I assume will offer an artist's perspective of the technology and how it can help promote them. Newton has also posted an open call to anyone who would like to share their opinions and attitudes.

Along with the commentary, P2Pnet plans to offer news coverage and product reviews. It will be interesting to see where Newton takes his new endeavor. You can check it out here.


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