iPod Jumps to 10 GB

By Robert Menta- 03/21/02

Mr. Jobs annouced in Tokyo during the night an upgrade to the company's successful foray into the digital music realm. The Apple iPod now offers a 10GB version, capable of holding roughly 2000 MP3 tunes in its expanded capacity.

The new model features the new 10GB version of its small drive that was developed by Toshiba and recently unveiled.

Amazon offers the 5GB Apple iPod

This makes it harder for the likes of the newly marketed Rio Riot and RCA Lyra Jukebox, 20GB and 10GB units respectively, that are considerably bigger and heavier than the iPod, but offered more capacity to level the playing field against the Apple. With the increase in capacity, the iPod, along with its speedy FireWire connection, jumps further ahead of the pack

But that's not all. The iPod has added a new contacts feature, nudging the player a tad into the PDA racket by offering an electronic address book.

The new iPod can download addresses from applications like Microsoft Entourage, Palm Desktop and Mac OS X Address Book.

The 10GB iPod sells for $100 more than 5GB version, coming in at $499. It is available now on Apple's Web store. For an additional $50 users can have their name or a special message etched into both units to personalize them.

iPod Contact Screen

Meanwhile, the units transfer program iTunes has been updated introducing expanded AppleScript support as well as improved stability and performance. Two versions of the 2.0.4 update are available the Mac OS X update is available here, and the Mac OS 9 update here.

The equalizer settings have also been updated in the unit offering independent setting for EACH song. That's a handy feature for those who get most of their music from the Net in varying degrees of sound quality and volume ranges. It's also better for those who like to listen to a mix of styles each time they use the player.


The 20GB Rio Riot Jukebox can be ordered from Amazon

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