Apple Introduces iPod for Windows

By Robert Menta 7/17/02

The iPod has been such a succcess for the Apple that quite a few Windows users went to the effort of purchasing the previously Mac-only device, bought 3rd party software to run it, and then added a FireWire card to allow it to tranfer tunes between the unit and the PC. To them it was better than waiting for a Windows version to appear.

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Needless to say, you knew Apple was not going to ignore the PC potential for very long. Yesterday at Macworld the company announced it will be shipping a Windows versions of iPod.

The new unit will be available in 5GBand 10GB versions as well as a new 20GB version also introduced at Macworld. The 20GB unit will sell for $499, what the 10GB unit sold for before the price drop that accompanied the refresh of the iPod line. Music transfers will still require a FireWire card, which should drive FireWire adoption in more new PCs, the real coup for Apple. File transfers are handled using MusicMatch.

Prices for the iPod are now $299 for the 5GB unit, $399 for the 10GB, and as we said before $499 for the 20GB. For more information, check out Apple's site here


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