Xolox Returns

By Richard Menta- 04/11/02

We wrote this on the last day of last year in an article titled MP3 2001 in Review: The Losers that listed the worst events in digital music for that year. Xolox demise was ranked number 6:

This P2P program took up less than 400K of space on the drive, had no spyware, was simple and easy to use, and was the first to allow simultaneous searches of multiple files. One of the best new Napster clones to appear, fear of litigation forced its creators to shut the project down. It's hard to afford court costs when you can't even pay your lawyer's initial consultation fee.

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Team Xolox turned off all the running versions of the program before closing shop, but users were able to keep the final version of Xolox alive with the creation of a patch. Still the program was no longer being updated and improved. It was no longer innovating.

Flash forward to the recent Dutch court ruling that declared Kazaa is not responsible for the illegal actions of people using its software. That decision set a new tone, upending a lower court decision and marking the first major win yet for a P2P program in litigation.

While an even higher court can reverse that decision in the future, it was enough to spur Team Xolox to think about reviving the program. Kept alive in spirit by sites like Zeropaid.com, rumors flew across the Net over Xolox's return. Today Team Xolox confirmed those rumors with this note to Zeropaid:

Zeropaid has been very helpful in promoting XoloX, it is therefore that we want to keep you updated on the rumors of a possible re-launch. There are indeed plans for a restart of XoloX. In what form and at what term we will be able to reveal soon. We will keep you posted of updates as they develop. We will also contact you to see if we can provide some promotion for zeropaid as our way of thanking you for the support you showed us while we were gone. We plan on getting a beta out of the new update to many of the Zeropaid participants before distributing the "release" version.

Kind regards,
Team XoloX

Kudos to Zeropaid for its second scoop in a week.


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