Xolox is back with version 1.18

By Robert Menta 4/28/02

A couple of weeks ago we did a story that told of the impending return of Xolox, a clean spyware-free gnutella client whose creators folded because of litigation fears. Those fears were mitigated when the Dutch courts ruled Kazaa was not responsible for the illegal actions of people using its software. That ruling doesn't prevent the rest of the world from dragging Team Xolox into court, but the developers have nonetheless decided to re-introduce their program into the world. For KaZaa users still trying to pull Brilliant Digital's code out of their boxes, Xolox's redeployment is a welcomed option.

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Team Xolox posted the official news on their website:

Our beta testers are currently testing the newly updated Version 1.18 XoloX client. Once tested and debugged, we will release the public version and release to everyone through our downloads page or through other download sites. Click here for a list of the new features in Version 1.18.

We pledge to work hard to earn your trust and to regain you as a loyal user. We make the following promise to you: XoloX contains NO SPYWARE, NO SNEAKWARE, NO HIJACKWARE. We will never trick you into installing something that you donít want to install or that you donít know you are installing ...not now...not ever!

The sentiment of that pledge is one that will ring very effectivly in the ears of the more aware file traders.

New features to Xolox include an upgrade to the gnutella 0.6 specifications, improved user bandwidth, and a further reduction of the programs already small footprint to 559K. The new feature are listed below:

  XoloX Tab Easily access our home/start page for XoloX related information.

  Improved GUI XoloX has cleaned up it's look by adding new buttons, icons, logos, and improving overall appearance.

  Meta-data support XoloX now shows sound quality for MP3 files by displaying bit rates in search results.  More meta-data searching will be available in upcoming versions.

  Gnutella 0.6 support Upgraded handshaking procedure to be compatible with Gnutella 0.6 specifications.

  Traffic optimizations Improvement of user bandwidth for downloading and sharing of files. 

  Re-Query regulation Great search results with conservation of Gnutella resources.

  More efficient install Reduced download install file size by 15% to 559 KB.

  More install options The install now allows you to create desktop icons, desktop shared folder icon, quick menu launch icon, and decide whether XoloX launches at startup

  Auto-complete typing In search requests auto complete has been added to allow you easier searching with less hassle.

  4 letter minimum removed  You are no longer limited to 4 letter search requests, improving searching experience.

  New IRC Chat  Chat allows you to discuss, interact , get support from your peers, and most of all help build community. 

  New keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + X = Minimize XoloX

X = XoloX
S = search
T = transfer
F = files
G = go 

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