Roxio wants Napster

By Jon Newton 11/16/02

Roxio - which makes, among other things, Easy CD Creator - is the latest company to cast a covetous eye on Napster-that-was.

Roxio Inc entered into a definitive agreement to acquire, "substantially all of the assets of Napster, Inc," it says on its web page here.

As part of the transaction, Roxio will receive all of Napster's intellectual property including its technology patent portfolio, although it's, "not assuming any of Napster's liabilities, including pending litigation".

The Nomad Zen can be pre-ordered from Amazon.

The company also says its purchase of Napster's assets is subject to approval of the bankruptcy court.

"Following the close of the transaction [expected on November 27], we will provide consumers and investors a strategic vision of how Napster will expand Roxio's role in the digital media landscape and enhance our offerings to consumers," adds Roxio.


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