Madster still Upster

By Jon Newton 12/07/02

A US federal judge has ordered Madster owner Johnny Deep to take his site down. Like, now.

And if he doesn't do so, Madster's ISP should yank it, says Cary Sherman, President of the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

Notwithstanding, Madster is still up and running.

The same judge, Marvin Aspen, had already ordered Madster to halt trading but as Slyck's Tom reported, "Johnny Deep ... contends that his network is decentralized, and therefore cannot be stopped."

Cease and Desist

Judge Aspen has booked a hearing on December 19 to discuss whether or not Deep is in contempt of his [Aspen's] original order.

In the meanwhile, the present temporary restraining order, issued on December 2, is in effect until December 22.


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