Kazaa Lite Removes the Parasite Code

By Richard Menta- 04/18/02

KaZaaLite is alive story update here -- editor December 7 2003

Back in January we wrote about Clean Limewire a version of that gnutella client with all the spyware/adware removed. Now after a few test runs KaZaA lite 1.6.0 FINAL, the neutered version of KaZaA, has been released.

This is good news for FastTrack network fans who watched their old Morpheus clients become useless on that network and either followed the shift over to gnutella or made the mistake of jumping to the standard versions of KaZaA and Grokster where they were greeted with an invasion of parasite code on their systems. This includes the recent Brilliant Digital Entertainment fiasco where a distributed computing application was embedded in users systems, sneakily connecting unknowing users to a secondary network called Altnet.

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Needless to say Sharman Networks, the Aussie concern that purchased KaZaA earlier this year, are not happy that users have created a product that undermines their dubious business model. In a statement released Wednesday the company said "..we will vigorously defend our rights and take action against parties engaged in misrepresenting our software. Consumers are being deceived with ripped off and highly suspect code, and we are determined that their rights, enjoyment and machines are not prejudiced."

Sharman Networks refused to discuss if they would take legal action. The company's lawyers already have several litigation concerns on the table so Sharman will probably first assess how effective a suit would or would not be in supressing KaZaA lite before taking such action. Last I heard, suits against KaZaA haven't shut it down, so don't expect legal action soon.

KaZaA lite for now is a public statement against KaZaA. Remove the parasite code from the parent and there is no need for a lite version. The problem is parasite code has become the cash cow for KaZaA.

Our recommendation is to avoid the standard version of KaZaA until they at least are more open with what "extra" applications they put on your system. It's not just what they put on your machine, but also the cloaked way they do it. You should also be able to opt out of these programs individually during setup. The same goes to all the P2P programs that insist on jumping on the parasite code bandwagon.

Files for the trimmed version of KaZaA can be downloaded from kazaalite.com.


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