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By Robert Menta- 04/08/02

It makes me wonder why anyone who is aware of all the spyware, adware, and such being quietly loaded on unsuspecting machines would ever download KaZaa. This is especially true with the recent Brilliant Digital Entertainment scandal where loading KaZaa automatically makes you a part of a distributed computing scheme whose inclusion you never authorized.

But then that is the problem here, most people are not aware. Putting a bad spin on file sharing to make an aggressive buck, KaZaa sells space on YOUR hard drive for those annoying, privacy intruding little programs who wish to use your information and resources to make a buck of their own. We call programs placed on your system without your consent or knowledge viruses.

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Distributed computing is OK when you volunteer willingly. Brilliant Digital Entertainment abuses this and should not be allowed to covertly plant their little programs into the drives of the unsuspecting KaZaa users for the privilige of upgrading to the latest version of what is becoming a notorious P2P program.

Unfortunately, KaZaa and new Australian owners Sharman Networks are achieving a nice cash flow with all this deceit and that only instigates others to do the same. Bearshare and Limewire also stick spyware in their code and as KaZaa pulls in profits they are watching, trying to decide if they should aggressively follow Sharman's lead or wait to first see what repercussions will come from this.

One significant repercussion may have just happened. Zeropaid is reporting that has removed KaZaa from its site. The reason given is concern about Brilliant Digital's Automatic add-on package.

A check on Sunday confirmed that the program was no longer available on's "Most Popular" download rankings, a ranking that regularly listed KaZaa in the top five. KaZaa did rank number four under the "Most Talked About" rankings, but the link on the KaZaa page to download the program had been disabled. As of this morning, KaZaa has been removed completely.'s owners CNET ran several articles recently on KaZaa showing their concern over that programs covert-laden parasite code. While CNET has yet to announce their action - they probably will today - there is little doubt that KaZaa at this moment is no longer receiving the million-plus downloads per week that it once enjoyed with rival Morpheus who again tops the Most Popular list with 1.3 million.

We'll keep you updated as more information comes in.



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