RIAA Site Hacked Again

By Richard Menta 8/27/02

For the second time in 28 days, the RIAA's website was hacked.

The first intrusion brought down the site on July 30th. This second one was more content with a little rewrite on the sites home page.

Of course, the effect was the same as the RIAA shut down their site once alerted to the new links on the page like "Adult Entertainment" and "Money Matters"

As of Wednesday evening the site was still down while the lobby group tried to figure out how to prevent these attacks from becoming a regular event. Looks like Hillary Rosen may ask for an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for the coming holidays.

The recent attacks are believed to be a response to several RIAA actions in congress and in the courts to change the rules of online trading by outlawing it. This includes the identification and procecution of individual file traders. It also includes a bill sponsored by Rep. Howard Berman, D-Calif that would actually allow hacker attacks conducted by the content industry against individual file traders, an exemption the music and movie industries want as a legal tool for themselves, but not anyone else. For the people who attacked the RIAA's site today it is and will remain a criminal act.

"Don't they have something better to do during the summer than hack our site?" an annonymous RIAA representative told CNET after the first attack. When I think of the Berman bill I want to say the exact same thing, but towards the RIAA.

That's ironic because the file traders the RIAA has declared war on include hackers who are more adept than they are at intrusion tactics.


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