GNOMAD 1.0 - Linux GUI for the Creative Nomad

By Rob Menta 2/08/01

For Linux users who would like a client for their Creative Nomad Jukebox there is a program called GNOMAD1.0. GNOMAD 1.0 is a GTK+ client program for the NOMAD Jukebox, using libnjb and id3lib to handle the jukebox communications and ID3 tagging procedures.

As the creator of the program said on "I spent this winter writing up a small Linux GUI thing for the Nomad, using Seagull's cleanroom implementation of the jukebox communication library. It uses id3lib from for reading/writing ID3 tags. The program is currently at version 1.0.4 and has actually been reported to work sometimes, but mind that the libraries underneath the program are both in beta. I personally use it for all jukebox maintenance without more than a few crashes now and then".

Those interested in trying out the program can get it here.

Screenshot of GNOMAD 1.0

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