Freenet returns

By Richard Menta 10/28/02

Freenet is back, returning today with its first new version in 14 months. Freenet's system is designed to protect the annonymity of users, a system that makes users less vulnerable to RIAA lawsuits should they continue on their path to prosecute those individuals who trade files.This new version is also more user friendly than past versions.

"This is the first (release) where we can confidently encourage people to go download the software and comfortably expect it to work for them," said Ian Clarke, the programmer who started the Freenet project nearly four years ago as a Scottish university student. "Before it's always been a bit of a case of having our fingers crossed." Freenet founder Ian Clarke told CNET

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Presently available in Windows, Linux, and the Apple Macintosh vesions, those interested in checking out the new version of Freenet can download it from Freenet site.


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