Clean LimeWire - All the flavor without all the SpyWare

By Robert Menta- 01/010/02

We realize that most P2P programs out there were not produced out of altruism, even if they do ride on an open network like Gnutella. They were developed with hope that somewhere down the line they could pull a profit for their creators. We have no problem with these companies trying to make a buck, but that doesn't mean we appreciate all the methods they employ to do it. What we are talking about is all the hidden baggage the latest versions some of these programs are placing in the registry of our systems.

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Spyware and annoying pop-up adware - unwanted programs that in our view qualify as virus' because they are covertly placed inside our systems to make our computer do something we didn't give it permission to do. Unfortunately, it looks to only get worse. Thanks to these parasite programs, as Salon calls them, KaZaa is able to claim that elusive of all prizes on the Internet, profitability.

The good news is that not everyone is taking this lying down. Yes there are programs written that claim to remove these parasites, but now there are those who are addressing the problem at its source. Enter Clean LimeWire.

Clean LimeWire is the parasite free version of LimeWire that hit the Net in its official release version on January 5th. A file trader on Zeropaid described it accurately when he said "basically they take the source code from, strip out any adware/spyware/banner ad/trojan/anythingelseyoucanthinkof, and then recompile it".

Clean LimeWire's creators were able to accomplish this task because LimeWire is an open source project, giving them free access to the code. already puts out their own parasite free version called LimeWire Pro, but that version requires a fee. Even though LimeWire Pro is a cheap option at $6, there are quite a few users out there who don't think they should pay anything for a trojan free version of a program on the premise that it won't violate their system like the standard version does by design.

The features of Clean LimeWire are neatly listed on the programs official site and are reproduced below:

* No spyware, trojans, or viruses
* No advertisements
* Bleeding edge core LimeWire components
* LimeWire setup window during first launch for optimum performance
* Small installer size (Clean LimeWire=2.1 MBs vs Official LimeWire=3.8 MBs)
* Clean, friendly installation
* No registry entries
* Simple uninstaller included
* Fully compatible with official LimeWire release.
* Tested for compatibility within the new Windows XP operating system
* Fixed several bugs: German install compatibility (includes other countries now, too), improved LimeWire execution, corrected desktop icon, failure of LW to minimize to system tray, & more.

Those interested in downloading the program or getting more information on it can go here. We must warn you that it is a Geocities site with limits on how much data is allowed to be transferred. Because of this, access to the site has been difficult as it regularly exceeds the limit.We recommend that you keep trying, but if you still can't get through the file is on the both the Gnutella and FastTrack networks. Simply do a search for


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