Winamp 3.0 Beta and Winamp 3.0, Alpha 1 for Linux Released

By Robert Menta- 10/10/01

Yesterday Nullsoft officially moved Winamp from alpha to beta with the release of Winamp 3.0 Beta 1. Nullsoft has also released Winamp 3.0, Alpha 1 for Linux. Built on a new coding platform named "Wasabi", Winamp 3 offers a module setup allowing any component of Winamp to be removed or replaced. This allows third party developers more freedom to customize the program.

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"Winamp 3.0 takes customization to a completely new level," said AOL Music Head Kevin Conroy on a company press release. "Winamp was originally designed to give third party developers and skin designers a great deal of flexibility, and this new version will provide an even richer system for developers to implement their creative vision. Our new coding platform provides developers with near complete freedom in their ability to create and customize applications."

Steve Gedikian dropped a hint on the company website a few days earlier suggesting this release was coming. "We've been working incessantly on Winamp3 and when it's ready; damn it's going to be cool" wrote Gedikian.

Winamp 3.0 Beta 1, Winamp 3.0, Alpha 1 for Linux, and the Winamp 3.0 Developer Edition are available for free download here. Included in the Winamp 3.0 Developer Edition pack is:

For those who want the nitty gritty on the program, posted these changes and updates on the Winamp 3 beta, which we reproduced below:


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