Webnoize Suspends Service

By Richard Menta- 12/05/01

In a statement posted on its website, digital media news and research site Webnoize announced it will temporaily stop publishing while it attempts to restructure its business.

"Webnoize has grown organically and privately to become one of the most respected intelligence resources and media brands to cover the digital economy," said Webnoize President and Publisher Thomas Roli on the company's site. "We are not immune to the same market influences that have affected others in our space. However, we expect to re-emerge in early 2002 with new and improved events, products and services, that will continue to meet the needs of those invested in digital media."

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The company earns its income by providing a variety of services and intelligence reports to members of the audio, video and P2P industries. One would think that a research organization focused on the technological developments of these industries would thrive on their mercurial nature as there were always stories and developments to analyze. For a publisher, discord can bring opportunity.

But the dot com bust has taken its toll on the Net startups who pioneered in this arena and who were Webnoize's customers. Many companies went out of business and survivors are forced to watch their pennies in a atmosphere of high pressure legal actions brought about by the traditional record, music publishing, and movie industries.

So like any business, Webnoize finds that it needs to adapt or perish. The company is now employing its staff to research itself and identify new opportunities for the company as they have for industry.

That is at least what I hope. WebNoize has announced no layoffs as I write this, but when a news organization shuts down its publishing activities - even temporarily - there is an obvious concern it will not reemerge from its public dormancy.


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