Review: Sonique 1.90 MP3 Player.

By Colin Stoner 5/04/01

Ease of Use:

After you get over the great intro (mamaSutra – Sonique Intro) while the program loads, and then the stunning graphics and layout, it dawns on you that Sonique is fairly simple. First time use is very simple as it offers you to change the visual modes, edit a playlist or download MP3s via Lycos and HotBot. If you just want to listen to a single song, there is an option to open a single file that looks like your typical eject button. Three skins are included with Sonique, but you can download skins that are far cooler.

Sonique 1.90


By far the best-looking MP3 player around. The design and texturing of the program is great, and the fly-out and fly-in features as you page between menus is an added bonus. I am sketchy, however, as to how well this would hold up in a slower system. The song scrolling across the bottom of the player is very smooth and easy to read as well. The color scheme that goes along with the original skin is great as well. This company should continue to grow and have a larger impact on the MP3 player industry.


Nothing stood out about Sonique’s playlist feature. There is no library, and the user must select what folder their MP3s are saved in every time they run Sonique. You can, however, save playlists to keep your listening experience simple. So although there was nothing special about the playlist function, there was nothing terrible about it either.

System Performance:

This system performance was based on relativity. With all the stunning graphics, the MP3 playing was smooth as ever. In fact, my OS (Windows ME) ran better with Sonique and all it’s graphic options turned all the way up then RealJukebox, MusicMatch Jukebox, or Media Player when playing an MP3! The guys at Sonique are either coding geniuses, or the Voodoo 4 has gotten a bad rap (I’ll go with the coding geniuses, being they’re still in business and 3dfx is not).


I really hate to give a program as great as Sonique a two in any category, but there just are no real extra features outside of a web search for MP3s. Sonique 2.0 is coming out soon, and maybe they will jazz that one up a little bit.


So close to being a perfect program. But as we all know, looks are only 50%. I have faith in the Sonique team, however, that 2.0 will reach the 5 level. A couple more extras would do the trick in a second.


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