mp3PRO Plug-in for Winamp released by RCA

By Richard Menta - 9/10/01

Thomson Multimedia announced today the release of the mp3PRO plug-in for Winamp. As the successor to the standard MP3 compression, mp3PRO cuts file sizes in half and its appearance as a plug-in for the top MP3 software players has been anticipated. mp3PRO files already play normally on regular mp3 players, but without the improved sound. The new plug-in now allows user to play back in full sound using through Winamp. Expect plug-ins for other players including MusicMatch and Sonique to follow.

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In related news, Thomson formed an agreement with Vivendi Universal and to release music in the new format on a joint site. To consummate this deal, Thomson has arranged for InterTrust Technologies to provide digital rights management support for MP3Pro.

MP3Pro does not come with any security technology built-in, allowing the same free-trading presently done with the standard MP3 format. This move may signal a change in strategy for the mp3PRO format as it looks to court those who control the content.

Download mp3PRO Plug-in for Winamp here

Download MP3Pro encoder/decoder here

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