MP3Trim Edits Your Song Files

By Robert Menta- 9/21/01

Wouldn't it be nice to make edits and audio corrections to your MP3 files without having to convert them to wave first? Once done you still have to convert them back to an MP3 again. Logicell has the program for you.

Called MP3Trim, the program can doctor up files when needed. For example, the program can be used to trim elongated blank space at the beginning and end of some song files. Because MP3 tunes drawn from the Internet come in varying and inconsistent quality, some tunes need a significant boost in volume to be heard properly, especially those recorded at low bitrates. MP3Trim has both a manual volume adjustment and a normalize function that automatically corrects volume levels.

mp3Trim also contains some basic edit features like fade-in/fade-out, the ability to add silence at the beginning and end of MP3s, and some options useful to improving damaged files.

The program is available free here

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