Review: Imesh

By Sean Ron 6/14/01

Ease of Use:

Imesh is definitely a great program and one that can serve many needs of the user. Unlike Napster and certain other programs that only retrieve audio files Imesh is quite diverse because you can not only download audio files, but video, software, images, and other assorted documents. In the likely event of a Napster shutdown in the coming weeks and months Imesh will definitely be the desired choice for many disgruntled Napster users to fall back on.

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Of course that does not include the European Union, which of a few days ago issued an edict that declared Napster, along with all other Peer to Peer file sharing services to be illegal (check the news out on our home page). In addition to being a multifaceted site I also found that Imesh was quite simple to download. As a matter of fact I was able to download it all by myself which is quite an accomplishment considering Iím a big technophobe. After that it takes you on a series of easy to follow steps until viola, you have a brand spanking new program that lets you download just about anything that you can think of.


There is really nothing wrong with the appearance of the Imesh site but I didnít find it as visually appealing as similar programs. Perhaps one of the programís nicer attributes is that it is even simpler to navigate than a Napster or a Lime Wire. The program is set up similar to Napster but with one less feature. Its six main features are search, downloads, uploads, contacts, media manager, and Whatís Up. These are all helpful features and pretty necessary to have with any program that performs as many tasks as Imesh. A really handy feature on Imesh is that it keeps track of all the artists you have downloaded in the recent past. I found it quite impressive that the people who designed the program were able to keep it as simple as possible while also still offering video, software and images for download.

Speed of Download:

Once again your download speed depends greatly on what type of connection you have as well as what kind of connection the user you are downloading from has, but I must say that with my cable connection I was able to pull some great speeds. Of course I would say that your not going to be able to download your favorite Billy Idol song at 75 k/s, but the download speeds are just as good as any you will find elsewhere.


While I did give the layout a 3 star rating, it is certainly not enough of a drawback for me to warrant giving anything less than a four 4 star rating to Imesh. While I had trouble finding certain files in other categories besides audio that is not a negative factor in my rating because we are mostly concerned about the audio side of the site and anything else could be considered icing on the cake. Like I said earlier it is easy to download, easy to use, and does a lot more than the seemingly out of date Napster. I would definitely give Imesh high marks all across the board, and I hope that you will check this great program out also.

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