The GIDI Digital Jukebox offers 80GB of MP3

By Robert Menta- 11/08/01

Here is a something from Belgium that caught our interest. It is an 80GB MP3 player called the GIDI Digital Jukebox. Offering such ample capacity for a digital music player is not the only thing interesting about this unit. What also attracts us to the player is that it comes in three disparate case styles, in three different sizes, to serve both consumer and commercial needs. All GIDI players are also available in 20, 40 and 60GB models.

Developed by Reality Media, the first case style is the GIDI XL (Inox Metal Design) for home and office use. Encased in a sleek silver box, the unit looks like something from the Bang and Olufsen school of design, with its stoic, teutonic appeal. Think of a Skagen watch and you get the idea. This unit aims for the home stereo system, resting somewhere above the amp and the CD player. Measuring a svelt 20 cm X 10 cm X 5 cm (7.8" X 3.9" X 1.9") the player comes with an external power supply and an LCD display for navigating through the song list. The GIDI XL sells for $768 US for the 80GB model, $608 for the 60GB model, $581 for 40GB, and $504 for 20GB.

GIDI XL (Inox Metal Design)

The second case design is the GIDI PRO (Rack 19" 1U). A commercial rack unit, this player is targeted for radio stations and the like. When you realize that 80GB can probably hold the entire active libraries of most stations, the conveniences the MP3 format promises those who make their living off of the airwaves become a reality. The GIDI Pro gets $795 for the 80GB, $635 for 60GB, $608 for 40GB, and $531 for 20GB.

The third unit, the GIDI Microserver, is specially designed for car, trucks, boats, and planes. A plain black box that can be installed in the dashboard or hidden behind it, the unit is operated by an external remote control that attaches to the steering wheel. The unit offers a detachable screen that can be placed anywhere in the vehicle for optimum visibility. The GIDI Microserver gets $715 for 80GB, $555 for 60GB, $528 for 40GB, and $451 for 20GB.

GIDI Microserver

Reality Media also sells the guts of these units separately for companies or individuals who want to design and build their own systems. For more information on the GIDI you can go to their Web site.

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