FileNavigator Builder 1.0 Released

By Robert Menta- 9/07/01

As Napster alternatives begin to proliferate, they are already jockeying to differentiate their product from one another with clever options and new services. FileNavigator is one recent example.

The company just released FileNavigator Builder 1.0, a program that allows the user to create a custom version of FileNavigator which just came out with version 2.8

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According to Roger Wayne, technical lead for the product "[FileNavigator Builder] allows anyone to create a custom version of FileNavigator. You can change the icons, the application name, and the home page that it visits when it first starts up. Most importantly it allows you to get a cut of the advertising time on the client".

It is that last option that caught our attention, allowing the user to get in on the ad revenue generated. We are still a little unclear on the details of this, but think of it as a software that allows a site like MP3 Newswire to create a custom version of the program. Banner ads include links to MP3 Newswire and the application name can say MP3 Newswire, creating a branded version of the FileNavigator program.

Why create all these branded versions? Think of it as a form of viral marketing where other digital music sites promote the product for you. All you have to do is give them the incentive, in this case ad revenue sharing and the fact their company name is on it. In other words, instead of giving away free T-shirts with our logo to promote MP3 Newswire, we can give away a file trade program with our logo.

The British company hopes this cross promotion opportunity will help them help break to the top of the growing P2P pack. FileNavigator does not draw the downloads that programs like Morpheus and Audiogalaxy Satellite enjoy, but they need to if they want to compete. Because the power of a P2P program relies directly on the size of its audience to provide a diversity of content, any product that wants to survive the coming months has to build their audience and quickly.

FileNavigator Builder 1.0 is available for download here for those who want to test it out. You don't have to have a site to promote, just a desire to manipulate a program to fit your desires and needs.


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