Compaq to Release MP3/CD Portable

By Robert Menta- 10/09/01

Compaq, who just recently expanded their MP3 portable lineup with the Personal Audio Player PA-2, has announced they are adding an MP3/CD portable to the mix.

Called the Compaq Personal CD Player PCD-1, the unit plays MP3, WMA, and standard CD tracks and looks to tap into the fast growing MP3/CD niche. The features, which include an FM tuner, an infrared remote control and rechargeable batteries, put the PCD-1 in the higher end of the market, pitting the unit against the similarly featured Rio Volt SP250.

Compaq Personal CD Player PCD-1

The Compaq Personal CD Player PCD-1 will also have to face recently released MP3/CD products from the major electronics giants who are putting more of their efforts into these type players over the flash card digital music portables. RCA alone has announced almost a dozen units with MP3/CD capability will be available by the end of this year.

The player will come with both MusicMatch Jukebox 6.0 and Windows Media Player 7 software to rip CDs with. We don't have a date yet for when the unit will hit store shelves, but it is probably safe to guess it will be here just in time for the Christmas season.


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