Review: Audiogalaxy Satellite

By Colin Stoner 7/02/01

Ease of Use:

Audiogalaxy has to be the easiest downloading program that I have used to date. In order to download mp3’s all one has to do is first download the Satellite program. This is a small program that you can download from the site, which directs all downloads onto your computer. Once you have the program all you have to do is search for music from their extensive clientele by using the search engine on their site. It queues music up and you are set.

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Blue has been proven to be the chosen color for many people and Audiogalaxy uses this to their advantage. Their entire site is done with a blue motif, which adds to its appeal and makes it pleasing to the eyes. Their actual Satellite program however is similar to any other windows program, that dull gray color. It’s a good thing that you don’t really ever have to look at the Satellite unless you are checking on the progress of your songs because all the tools you need to start downloading and managing your files are online in your own personal “home” page on Audiogalaxy’s site.

Speed of Download:

I am networked to a cable modem and therefore find that the speeds with which I am downloading are more than adequate. The only problem with Audiogalaxy is that they limit simultaneous downloads to ten. Luckily for me I queue up about thirty or so songs and then go to sleep letting them download overnight. It makes waking up every morning like Christmas since I have an overabundance of new songs to listen to.


With a claim that user’s are able to access over 800,000 songs across the Internet in various forms Audiogalaxy is defiantly able to give the well established Napster a run for its money. This will become especially important if Napster decides to start charging its users while Audiogalaxy keeps offering the ability to acquire mp3’s for free. Audiogalaxy even ups the ante more with an offer to musicians of 25mb of web space in their “online community” for the purpose of offering them help in boosting a garage bands music career through the Internet. You don’t hear many musicians claiming that Shawn Fanning helped jump start their career.

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