PressPlayster - A Net Music Parody

By Robert Menta- 12/21/01

You know right away when you read the site's tag line, "Making it Easier to Steal Music than to Buy Music". Enter PressPlayster, an online parody of the recently released music download services by the major labels.

Visitors to the site can check out "Celebrity Choice: From Metallica drummer Skeet Ulrich" or an ad to purchase the Sony Tetherman, an MP3 player (a Compaq iPaq actually) that tethers to your computer with a ball and chain.

Parody ad from

Another feature is "Today's Hot Hits: as chosen by Hilary Rosen of the RIAA" where if you click on a tune called "We Own The World" by a band supposedly called "RIAA For Acquisition" a stream downloads with a song that starts with the lyrics "I am watching you, you know I am, you know I do, I've got your name, I know your home, I followed you".

The site also offers users unlimited downloads (max 100 per year) to the music of great artists such as "Leif Garrett: The B-Sides" and "Muskrat Love" by Captain and Tenille. Download of the day? a version of "Paranoid Android" by the Archies.

Created by artist Toby Slater, the parody also is a showcase to attract attention to All of the song links on PressPlayster actually play Slater's music tracks. This includes the song "We Own The World" whose opening lyrics above are to a Slater tune (and a pretty good one) titled "Begging Rebecca". Even something not intended as a gag worked. Granted it was a ploy to get people to listen to his music, but that worked too.

Oh well, so it's not all satire and once the best jokes are finished so is the site. It's still worth a peek at Hopefully its creators will regularly update it.


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