KaZaa for Linux

By Robert Menta- 10/21/01

Presently, KaZaa is the second most downloaded Napster clone since Napster shut down several months back (first is its FastTrack-powered brethren Morpheus). Now it hopes to bring more users into the fold with the alpha release of it the long waited Linux client, KaZaA Media Shell or kza.

Released October 17th, the company calls Alpha 0.4 of kza "a minimalist text based client that brings the largest online community to the Linux world". Even though the 287KB command line alpha client only contains the most basic of functionality right now, Linux file traders will certainly be happy about the news.

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More important, it gives Linux users access to the FastTrack network, arguably the best of the P2P networks for downloading music and video files. No word yet on whether Morpheus or Grokster plan to follow with their own Linux versions.

KaZaa has not released a lot of information on the program, but what is available can be found on the KaZaa site. You can download the file here.

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