New Treo Digital Music Jukebox Released.

By Richard Menta- 12/04/00

With the huge success of the Nomad Jukebox it is no surprise to see other manufacturers jumping on the jukebox bandwagon. Jukebox players like the recently released Archos Jukebox and Remote Solutions' Personal Jukebox, carry over 6 MB of storage on a laptop drive, allowing users to go portable with 150 CD's worth of music. Because of their convenience, Jukebox players scored very highly in our MP3 portable tests

Now comes the Treo Jukebox, the first second-generation jukebox player to be released. Like the fine Personal Jukebox (PJB100), it is manufactured by Hango and marketed by Remote Solutions and Hytec electronics.

Available with 6.4 GB of memory, soon to be upped to 10GB, the Treo is both smaller and lighter than its predecessors the PJB100 and the Nomad Jukebox. Weighing in at 8 oz. It is considerable less than the Nomad Jukebox, which is nearly a pound at 14 oz.

The Treo adds multi-codec support, allowing the unit to play out of the box MP3, WMA, AAC, and ePAC files. Like all of the newer players the Treo will offer programmable firmware to play future formats.

The 6.4GB Treo will list for $399, $100 less than the Nomad Jukebox, which should make it even more attractive to users. The player will also be sold as the Cleo by Remote Solutions and soon under the badges of other manufacturers, including a possible unit from Samsung.

More info on the Treo can be found at


The 20GB Rio Riot Jukebox can be ordered from Amazon

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