Letters - 4/4/00

RE: Sony Memory Stick Walkman

I have some useful information on the Sony VAIO Music Clip.

A) It ONLY works with a Windows98 pc in which Windows98 was installed at the factory on a machine with USB on the motherboard.

B) Due to Sony's stake in the music recording industry; they have built the Music Clip around a proprietary software called "OpenMG" - which should be called "ClosedMG" instead.

Order The New Rio PMP 500 from Amazon for $239.

I was given a music clip for my birthday (I asked for it) cuz it looks cool and it's not another little walkman-like box shape. I'm a fool - I didn't do my research and now am the proud owner of a $300 door-stop.

I'm a mac user, but have access to over 100 pc's at work - NONE have Windows98 pre-installed and USB on the motherboard. I tried using VirtualPC (Windows98 version) to no avail. The software did run in VPC but would not connect to the music clip. Also the software will only let you move a 'song file' to and from the music clip 3 times. The file is then rendered useless and you must re-encode the file to hear it again - even if you own the CD. Sony is way off-track with this one. I'm returning mine for a Rio500 - which works with the Mac and doesn't have this "ClosedMG" restrictions.

I hope this keeps at least one person from making the same mistake I made.

Damon Yasevich

RE: Sony Music Clip

I've found a number of pages on your web site that refer to these devices as mp3 players. The MS Walkman and Music Clip are ATRAC3 (OpenMG) players. They are unable to play MP3 files and should not be described as "MP3 players". Please update your web site with accurate information.

Hey, I can transfer CD audio, DVD audio, RealAudio, WMA, WAV, AIFF, vinyl, cassette, reel-to-reel, sound from the tv, vcr, satellite receiver, ham radio, shortwave radio and just about anything you can think of to my Rio PMP 300 (using various recording techniques and software conversion) but I'd never claim my Rio is a CD player, a DVD player..., in fact anything other than a portable mp3 player.

Sony's web site does not claim that the MS Walkman or Music Clip are "mp3 players".

Thanks for the heads up, we made the corrections on our site. One note: we stopped by a local electronics store to look at the Music Clip box (we are still waiting for our test unit from Sony). On the box it says MP3 in big letters. It shouldn't. - Editor

RE: Sony Music Clip

Hey, I read your review of the Sony Music Clip and was pretty pissed that Sony would pull the wool over digital music lovers' eyes. I went to the Sony support areas to see if they had any official word on the MP3 conversion dealie and found this:

(Q) Do I have to convert my MP3 files into ATRAC3 files ?
(A) No, using the File Import option in the File menu, once you select your MP3 files on the hard drive, you have a pull down that you can select to keep them as MP3 files or convert them to ATRAC3 files.

I don't know if this is first class BS on Sony's part but I figured that you may want to try it to see if that solves the prob.

I really wanted a Sony clip but if I have to convert all my MP3s to a proprietary format... I can go get a Rio.


Does this work? Everything we have heard from our readers and the press is that this unit can not play MP3 files. If there are any Music Clip owners out there give this a try and see if it works. Sony generally makes superior products and nothing would make us happier. - Editor

RE: Sony Music Clip

If your only problem with the Sony MC-P10 VAIO Music Clip is that your have to save the file twice on your hard drive then I don't see this as a big problem. I'm more concerned with the three times rule.... What do you mean by this???? If I have my song/sound_clip saved as an mp3 will be able to re-save them as ATRAC3 (OpenMG) files again and then re-download them to the Music Clip again for a fourth time? Will Sony be able to prevent me from downloading a free mp3 that I got over the internet ???


RE: I-Jam Announces FOUR New MP3 Portable Players

I recently read your article regarding the new I-Jam Players. In reference to the IJ-200 model, were you able to find out what operating system was in place in this particular model? As far as I know, E.digital is the only company that has patents incorporating the use of multiple codecs in one machine. They have an operating system known as MicroOS that allows the use of WMA, EPAC, MP3, Liquid Audio, and Real Audio (just to name a few) to be played without having to reformat from the native downloaded format. If you run across any of this information, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, if you need more information from me I'll be happy to provide it for you.

Kevin Britt

Thanks for the info Kevin. We haven't found what codec I-Jam is using. If anyone out there knows, drop us a note. - Editor

RE: Is MP3 Music a Perishable Product?

The recording industry is concerned less about the money side of MP3, and a lot MORE concerned about the control side of the issue.

The Industry doesn't control MP3, so it's a threat to their former control over every aspect of the business.

Hollywood was and is about the same thing: total vertical control over the whole process from selecting the artist to dictating how the consumer will use the product. (Recall that the majors owned theaters until they were forced by the government to sell them off.)

The major labels and artists are (or used to be) all-powerful, and, therefore, all-vulnerable -- any loss of control over any part of the vertical chain threatens their overall control.



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