Napster User's Banned...By Iranian Artist

By Vickie Mapes

I don't know how newsworthy this is, but it's interesting to me and might be to others. I've had an account on Napster for a few months now and last night I was banned. Not by Metallica or Dr. Dre (I'd eat ground glass before I'd ever have any of their songs in my list!) but by an Iranian artist, Googoosh!


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Googoosh's story is interesting and easily found. She was very famous in Iran but went underground when the revolution happened in the 70s. She stayed in Iran, donned one of those horrible outfits that covered her from head to toe, and disappeared from public view. Recently with the relaxing of Iranian rules. She was allowed to leave the country for concerts in Canada and the US.

I never would have known about her if not for Napster. I'm not Iranian, but I saw a man who had files labeled as "Persian music" and I tried some of them. I immediately fell in love with this woman's voice and music. It was Googoosh, of course. Then I found out more about her, and was pleased to see a story on the front page of the Chicago Tribune a few weeks ago telling her story. I never thought I'd be banned from Napster by her! Oh I know, it was probably her record company, but when you're banned you get a message saying "You have been banned by " and it very clearly said Googoosh.

Since Metallica and Dre have gotten all the publicity (and people like me who tend to stick to obscure female artists have said, well, it's not like *I'll* ever have a Metallica or Dre song on my list!) I find it interesting that lesser-known artists are starting to get in on the act.

Btw, I'm not too worried about it, I still have computers on Napster and other file-sharing programs. The computer that was banned is now using one of the unofficial Napster servers. And I can always get back on if I want to mess around with the registry. I'm more amused and puzzled (Googoosh??) than anything.

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