The MP3 News Archive - 1999 to the Present

Below you will find original articles that appeared on MP3 Newswire from 1999 to the present that represent contemporary commentary during tumultuous years of change wrought by the most efficient delivery mechanism yet devised - the Internet. MP3 Newswire preserves these articles for media scholars of the future as a way to make their research easier. MP3 Newswire was one of the first - and for several years one of just a very few - sources for detailed commentary focused on this revolution in media delivery and consumption. These writings represent our viewpoint during the moment it was unfolding.

Many books and articles have been scribed about the music and movie industries. The digital media conflicts faced during the pre and post Napster era will no doubt serve as a fruitful topic for numerous writings to come.

This is our take. More than that, our desire to delve deeply into the shades of gray of the various issues illustrate a competitive advantage over the main stream media's decision to showcase these issues from a more black and white perspective. Frankly, this is what disappoints us most about how the traditional news outlets covered this topic. In their articles they only saw content providers and file sharers. As content providers themselves also struggling with disruptive technologies, their sympathies tended to lean more to the former.

Where the main stream media failed is that they almost never talked about this issue from the perspective of consumers and consumer activity. This is the real engine that propelled all this change and what best illuminates how things happened and why.

The oldest stories are on the bottom. Prior to 2005 you will also find links to notable articles on the topic from other souces. These are the articles with the publication date beside them. Some of these older links go to web sites that no longer exist. The good news is that if you find a URL link that is dead you can copy and paste the link into the Wayback machine , which is found on the homepage of Here the copies of the original articles are preserved forever.

One last note. Despite the fact that the MP3 in its name implies an audio only focus, MP3 Newswire always covered digital media as a whole and included video and film in its discourse. Our February 2002 article Online Movies, Taiwanese Law, and the American Film Industry is a great example of such early discourse.


HP Touchpad : Why HP Should Reverse and Build TouchPad 2
iPad, the Tablet PC and the death of the HP Touchpad
Your iPod Playlist for End-o-Summer 2011
Francis Ford Coppola On "Borrowing"
Key Digital Music Scribe Quieted

Apple v Publishers : DMCA v the 55 Chevy


iAd and the Apple Broadcast Network
iAd Struggles
FrostWire Leaves Gnutella for BitTorrent
Zune Died Because....
Jon Newton Returning to P2PNet
UN Report Says Internet Three Strikes Laws Violate International Law
Skreemr is Back
iPad 2
The Transformation of the Music Industry in the 21st Century
Sony NGP Gamer May Not be Competitive
Record Labels, the Super Bowl and Consumer Change
iPad, Hulu, and Ad Dollars
Apple: Will it buy EMI if it fails? WMG?
Barnes and Noble Rip Out Music Section
LimeWire Morte
RIAA Site Attacked
Skreemr Mothballed Indefinitely Says Spokesperson
Skreemr Down for Week. Probably Gone
Skreemr Down for Days
Apple TV Sold Out in Some Stores
iAd Pulls $60M From Advertisers
Pirate Bay Back Up
ACTA Text Leaks Again
Apple Sells 17 Apps Per iPad
Opera for iPhone. Apple Says 17 or Older to Use
ALDE Hearing on ACTA in Brussels
ACTA Europe Pressure Intensifies: Transparency Demands, EP Resolution
ACTA Transparency Scorecard
iTunes: 10 Billion Sold, $10 Billion
What Really Happened At the ACTA Talks in Mexico?
The ACTA Guide, Part One: The Talks To-Date
The ACTA Guide, Part Two: The Documents (Official and Leaked)
ACTA Guide, Part Three: Transparency and ACTA Secrecy
ACTA Guide: Part Four: What Will ACTA Mean To My Domestic Law?
ACTA Guide, Part Five: Speaking Out
P2PNet Ends Publication
iPad Debuts
UK Cross Party Motion Tabled on ACTA
Apple iTablet : It Can Control the Weather and Write Screenplays
New MP3 Format Likely to be Ignored


Digital Music Nears Zero Dollars. Mojo Nixon to Release Entire Catalog Free
Rhapsody Exec Details Major Label Failure to Distribute Digital Dollars to Artists
iPod Killers for Christmas 2007
iPod Killer Graveyard: Failures Equal NIB Bargains Artists and Fans Try to Solve Record Industry Disconnect
iPod Show: iPod nano Redone, but Other iPod Units Just Get Modest Refresh
Samsung YP-R1 Media Player
iTunes Extends Sirius XM Model. 1 Mill Sirius Apps Downloaded

SanDisk Sansa Clip + MP3 Player
BigChampagne Challenges Nielsen With New Ratings Service
DIY Record Industry: Models for Millionaires, Models for the Obscure
iPhone 3G-S, Plus iPhone OS is Updated
Goom Internet Radio Launched
Record Industry: Unintentional Message to Digital Consumers
Michael Jackson Drives Record Industry Sales
Record Industry Win in Capitol Records v Thomas a Public Relations Problem
Archos 3 MP3 Player
iPhone Tripled OS X Base
iPod Touch v. Zune HD

Zune HD
Sony MP3 Takes on (old) iPod touch
iPod touch 64GB with Final Cut Mobile
iTunes Revenue Drops on Tiered Pricing
Apple, the iPhone, the iTablet, and the Theory of "What do you Need?"
The MXP4 Format: Trust Will Decide it's Fate
iPod Handicap: Betting Line for Next iPod iPhone Features
SeeqPod Talks to Microsoft
SeeqPod To Return Soon. In Acquisition Mode
RIAA, Record Labels, Wring $7K From Patricia Santangelo
SeeqPod Down. Permanent?
Sony PSP Heir Possibly in Works
MP3 Player From Lego
iPod iPhone to get Hulu
iPhone Could be Hurt by AT&T Strike
iTunes : Where are the $0.69 Tracks?
Canada Digital Media Hearings - What's Next
Sony Wraparound MP3 Player
Pirate Bay Decision Nears
iTunes Price Change in April - Thoughts
Copyright v Artistic Voice and the Great Kutiman
iPod shuffle: Size Not Real Story
Seeqpod Files For Bankruptcy
iPhone and CBS: NCAA Basketball Streamer Top Seller on Apple App Store
Apple Shares Break 100
Apple Store Traffic Good Despite Empty Malls
Pirate Bay Trial Day 11: Pirate Bay Defense Closes
CD Racks Empty at Barnes and Noble
Pirate Bay Attacked? Site Down
Pirate Bay Trial Day 10: Bullet Points
Pirate Bay Trial: AP Coverage Disappoints
Pirate Bay Trial Could Conclude This Week
Pirate Bay Trial Day 9: Court Experts Have Their Say
Pirate Bay Trial Day 7: Prosecution Expertise Challenged
Pirate Bay Trial Day 5: Perry Mason Episode Delays Trial
Pirate Bay Trial Day 4: Surprise Evidence Introduced Then Denied
Pirate Bay Trial Day 3: Defense Asks for Dismissal
Pirate Bay Trial Day 2: Half of Charges Dropped
Pirate Bay Trial Begins Monday
MP3 Newswire Enters Pulitzer Race
Putting Together the ACTA Puzzle: Privacy, P2P Major Targets
MP3 Newswire Hits 10 Years Part II. MP3 Newswire is Born
MP3 Newswire Turns 10. How it Started Part I
Why the U.S. Lost Its WTO IP Complaint Against China
SanDisk Loses $1.8 Billion
MP3 Player or Flying Saucer?
UK Won't Pull Plug on File Sharing


File Sharing and the Free Public Library
MP3 and the Family Treasure
30 Days with The iPod Touch 2G
Ticketmaster Monopoly Must End
iPod Challengers for the Holidays
Apple Store Packed Black Friday
Samsung P3 MP3 Player
iPod Fake Top Seller on Amazon
Apple iTunes Drops DRM-Free Tracks to $0.99

Government Keeps ACTA Consultation Results Under Wraps
P2Pnet Wins LandMark Case
Apple Sells 11 million iPods
Record Industry Digital Growth Doomed by Mechanical Rates
RCA Lyra Slider MP3
Napster Sold to Best Buy
iPod touch 2G Won't Support Some iPod Peripherals
iPod touch Trouble Already. Apple Help lines Clogged
Steve Jobs Sickly
Napster Leaves College
Cowon S9
Cowon O2
Cowon L3 has 7" Display
MP3 Player Top 5
Creative Zen Mozaic
iPod Predictions
Archos 5 and 5G Internet Media Tablet
Archos 7 Internet Media Tablet
New Sony Walkman PMP
iRiver Spinn
Cablevision DVR Ruling and the Death of
HD Radio Power Issue Really a Receiver Issue
Bejing Stadium MP3 player
Hulu Ads OK Say Consumers
Napster a Takeover Target?
Star Wars MP3 Player
Apple Stock Hurt With Market Woes Wins Case. To Re-open May 16th
Top P2P Applications: 1.6 Million PCs Rank Them
iPod Touch Intro Drives Archos PMP Sales
Net Neutrality - Q&A With Bell Canada Expert
Monitor P2P and Spend $1 Billion
iTunes Beatles Folly
South Park Puts All Episodes Online Free
iPhone to Hit 45M Units in 2009
iPhone Prior Art - 1966 Sementa Portable Phonograph Telephone
HD-DVD Outselling Blu-Ray? Dead Format Flies Off Discount Shelves
Sony PSP: Half Use it as Their Music Player
iPod Playlist March 19, 2008
SeeqPod Suit Thoughts
HD-DVD Players, Films Dumped on eBay - Buyers Flock
Yahoo Folds Music Unlimited
Pirate Bay Admins Indicted
iPod Sells 22 Million
iTunes Video Rental Review
iPhone Sell 4 Million. Gets SDK
iPod touch Gets 5 New Apps
HD-DVD Demise Understandable

Apple Ships Time Capsule Drive with 1TB


2007 Digital Media Winners

2007 Digital Media Losers
The CD is Not Obsolete. It Just Lost Competitive Advantage
SanDisk Intros First 32GB Flash MP3 Player
Creative Zen Stone Line Gets Speaker
Apple, Fox Bring Film Rental to iTunes, iPod
TorrentSpy Loses Case Due to Destruction of Evidence
iPhone App Allows its Camera to Record Video
iPhone Case Won By Deutsche Telekom. Blocking OK
Internet Radio Deezer Neutered
iPod, iPhone Users Target of Online Stores
RIAA Losing EMI?
Radiohead Says comScore Figures Wrong

Canadian Govt. Finds Files Sharers Buy More CDs
iPod Touch YouTube Problems
iPod Touch & YouTube
Pirate Bay Intros .P2P. Splits BitTorrent
iPod Killers: 30 New Players for the Holidays
Amazon "Thrilled" With DRM-free Song Sales
Oink: We're no Different From Google
P2P Dev Shifts to High Gear in China
iPhone AT&T's Top-Seller. 1 in 4 Users Over Age 50
Radiohead In Rainbows Pulls up to $10 Million
iPod Touch Unbox Improved - Sort of

iPhone Bricks Revived by Hackers
Radiohead: Did Pre-orders Hit 3 Million Mark?
RIAA Wins Download Trial. Thoughts
Sharp SP700 Digital Media Player
Radiohead Online Album Crushing Success
Zune 2 Unveiled
Zune MP3 Player Comes in 4GB and 8GB
Nickelodeon and the SpongeBob Media Player
iPod Touch Screen Slick, but Sluggish
EchoStar Buys Sling Media
MP3 Player Cures...Pimples?
MP3 Player That's a Crucifix
Creative MuVo T100 MP3 Player
iTunes Starbucks Giveaway
Virgin Digital Folds
Ringles or Wrongle?
Britney Spears and a Digital Fan's Meltdown
iPod Touch Makes Great Wi-Fi Sniffer
iPod Touch Warning: Requires OS X Tiger
Apple. Will It Enter Wireless Auction?
Pirate Bay Sues Movie, Record, and Game Cos.
Zune 2
Archos 705 WiFi
Venzero LinQ WiFi
Archos 405 Flash DVR
iPod Touch in Apple Stores
SanDisk Sansa View 16GB Portable
iPhone Hits One Million Mark
Sony Rolly MP3 Player Dances
Record Industry Woes Aggravated by Years of Bad PR
Archos 605 Wi-Fi
Archos 105 MP3 Player
iRiver Siren MP3 Player
Apple iPhone Controversy
iPhone 8GB Price Dropped
iPod Touch and Fatty Unveiled. iTunes Goes Wi-Fi
iPhone Leads Market with 1.8%. 1 in 4 Switch to AT&T
iPod: The 2007 Handicap
Samsung P2 and T10 Bluetooth PMP Units
Sony Intros MP3 Player, Kills Connect
Panasonic Bluetooth MP3 Player
Toshiba Gigabeat T401 Player With Wi-Fi
Creative 16GB Zen PMP
Apple Confirms Sept 5 Event. New iPod Expected
Ecodigital Unveils Windup PMP
Deezer Down
AllofMP3 Returns
San Disk Sansa Clip MP3 Player
MTV Urge, Rhapsody Merge
Google Throws Lead Paint on Movie Download Market
iTunes Snubbed as Universal Sells No-DRM Music
BitTorrent for iPhone and Other Christmas Wishes
Creative Ships First 16GB Flash Player. iPod Should Follow
Apple Profits Soars on iPhone, iMac sales
Blender's Powergeek 25 - The Most Influential in Web Music
Coby MPC-C582 MP3 Player
Is Internet Radio and SoundExchange Deal Enough?
HD Radio Effort Undermined by Weak Tuners in Expensive Radios
AllofMP3 and AllTunes Claim Win in Russian Courts
Yamaha BODiBEAT MP3 Player
Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 6 MP3 Player
Court Denies Internet Radio Rate Stay
Apple Stock Rises on iPhone Rumor
iRiver, Rhapsody Team
Swedish Justice Ministry Submits Tougher Piracy Law
MP3 Player - Build Your Own With Music Box
Pirate Bay to be Blocked by Swedish Police
iPod Killers for Summer 2007 Down After Huge Traffic Spike
AllofMP3 Shuttered by Russian Govt. Thoughts
iPhone Reselling, Why it Will Fail
iPhone: Hundreds Come, Lines Orderly
Universal Dumps Apple iTunes
iPhone Hype Rises on Mossberg Rave
Internet Radio Goes Black June 26. Thoughts
TorrentBytes Downed by Hackers
iTunes: Still on That First $20 Gift Card
iPhone Poll Says 9% of Cell Users Want It
Sony Connect to be Disconnected
iPod Playlist June 16, 2007
Apple TV to Sell 1 Million Units in 2007
iTunes DRM Glitch for Apple
YouTube Nails Deals with EMI, Apple
Toshiba Gigabeat V801
AllofMP3 Arrest
iPhone. Will Price Drop on Release?
iPhone Approved by FCC
Amazon to Sell Full EMI Digital Catalog Without DRM
iPod Killer Graveyard: Failures Equal NIB Bargains
Thoughts on Canada's Committee Study on Counterfeiting and Piracy of Intellectual Property
Samsung YP-U3 MP3 Player
RCA Ships Gem Line of MP3 Players
Creative Zen Stone MP3 Player
Archos Revenue Up in US, Down Worldwide
Creative Technologies Posts Loss
Digg DRM Revolt
SoundExchange Owns Me?
iPhone Will Flop Says Microsoft's Ballmer
Zune 2.0, High Visibility in Sears and Wal-Mart Not Enough
Hollywood Contradicts Itself on Effects of File Sharing
Harmon Kardon Guide + Play
iRiver B20 Ships
iPod Playlist April 16, 2007
Sony B100 Series MP3 Portables to Kill ATRAC and SonicStage
Finis Updates SwiMP3 with Version Two
Barbie MP3 Player
LG VW MP3 Player
iPhone Chances for Success
Copyright Board Says NO to Webcaster Rehearing
SanDisk Sansa Shaker
iPod With Side o' Fries
Apple EMI Kill DRM
Apple Sells 100 Millionth iPod
Microsoft WMA Format Doomed by Apple EMI Deal?
iTunes Restricts Music Sales Says EU
Apple & EMI to Announce Possible Beatles Deal
Apple TV: Chicken or Egg
iTunes Says Complete My Album
iRiver T50 MP3 Player
MP3 Music Pen
iRiver D25 Looks Like Laptop, But is only MP3 Player
Viacom Sues YouTube and Google for 1 Billion
Creative MP3 Player Line Slimmed

MP3 Newswire Back From Hiatus
MPMan Blade MP3 Player
Steve Jobs Says Abandon DRM
Apple Settles with Apple
iTunes Sells 1.3 Million Disney Movies
Sony Will Pay $150 to Consumers for Rootkit Says FTC
P2PNet Saved
Apple and Europe in DRM Showdown
MP3 Player is Rubik's Cube

Record Labels Discuss Digital at Midem
P2PNet For Sale
Apple Sells 21 Million iPods
iPhone Eavesdropping
Apple iPhone Thoughts
RIAA Wins $30K Default Judgement Against Santangelo

SanDisk Unveils Wireless MP3 Player

Samsung YP-T9B MP3 Player With Bluetooth
Review: Blue Snowball USB Microphone
iPod Playlist January 4, 2007
MP3 Player for Wallet


Apple Widescreen TV on Horizon?
The Digital Media Winners of 2006
The Digital Media Losers of 2006

RIAA Sues AllofMP3. Thoughts
YouTube Brings Gem from Ireland
RIAA Drops Santangelo Case. Sues Kids Instead
Record Player Turns Vinyl Into MP3
Concert Archive Draws Digital Suit
iTunes Conflict
MP3 Newswire Celebrates Eight Years
iTunes Sales Flat
Music Industry v. Legacy Recording Industry
Kazaa Hit With Class Action
Azureus Lands $12M VC Round
Backyard Concerts with the Stars
iPod Killers for Christmas 2006
Crayola Launches MP3 Player
SanDisk Outselling iPod Among MP3 Savvy?
Amazon Unbox - Terms Undermine Value
Brits Reject Extension of Copyrights for Music
Creative Reinstates FM Recording Earlier Firmware Stripped Out
MP3 Player Used to Rob Cash Machines
Zune Opening Sales Good, but Not Great
AllofMP3 Doomed with US Russia WTO Pact?
YouTube Thoughts
Zune, Will it Succeed?
Apple Intros iPod 8GB Red
Zune Site Offers First Peripherals
Thoughts on Boy Scout Anti-piracy Merit Badge
Creative MP3 Player Firmware Update Strips FM Recording. Verdict: Not Acceptable
MPIO Intros Two New MP3 Players is Launched. to be Revamped
Some Thoughts on Zune
StreamCast Guilty of Active Inducement
Sony NW-S706 MP3 Player
Creative Zen V Plus Hits 8GB
More Independents to Sell MP3 Albums
StormBlue Bluetooth MP3 Player
Creative Muvo V100
iTunes Sells 125K Disney Flicks in Opening Week
iPod Playlist September 27, 2006
New MP3 Players From Disney
DRM is Like Paying for Ice
Real, SanDisk Launch New Platform
MP3 Player Gives Massage
iRiver S10
Zune Unveiling Today
iPod Updated
iPod nano Updated
iPod Shuffle Updated
Venue Worker Snaps Banner for iPod Widescreen?
iPod: Handicapping the 6th Generation
Toshiba Gigabeat V Series
Pirate Party Releases Election Manifesto
iPod Has Only 8% of Market in Taiwan
Don't Download This Song Says Weird Al
SanDisk Sansa c200 MP3 Player
Football Helmet MP3 Player
Acer MP-340 MP3 Player
Archos 404, 504 and 604 Personal Media Players
Apple Pays Creative $100 Million
SanDisk Sansa e280 8GB Flash MP3 Player
Creative Zen Neeon 2
Maxfield MAX-SIN Touch MP3 Player Down
Samsung YP-K5 MP3 Player has Built-in Speaker
iPod Playlist August 5, 2006
British Schoolgirl and Artist Supports File Sharing, Gets Banned From UK Charts
iPod to Get Digital Radio via BBC
Sirius Stiletto 100, Live Satellite Portable Released
MP3 Player Also Plays..Cassettes?
Drivers Love MP3 Players
More iPod Killers for Summer 2006
Sony Mylo
Sirius to Throw Live Satellite Portable at iPod Generation
iPod Playlist
KaZaa Settles with Hollywood. Skype Founders Pay Too
Latest MP3 Player From LG
Sony MP3 Player with Pedometer Hits Web Top 1000
iPod Sales Slightly Short of Expectations
File Sharing Case Turns Against StreamCast
Sharman Drops Suit Against
Sony Pulls Racial PSP Ad
Sony PSP Ads Racist?
Review: Neuros MPEG4 Video Recorder 2
iPod Killers for Summer 2006
Copyright Infringement Does Not Equal Theft
The Curse of Lithium Ion Batteries
Cisco to Offer Personal Electronics
The iPod Ecosystem
File Sharing Sets Another Record
14 Million iPods Served
Creative Tries to Redefine the Word Podcast...Sort of


RIAA v Brittany Chan Starts Jan 5
iTunes Sales up Sharply
RIAA Investigators Challenged by Technical Expert
CBS Streams TV Favorites Free
The iPod Car
Sony Still Selling Malware CDs
Microsoft Movie Subscription Service Coming?
To Fight RIAA Lawsuit Mom Solicits Donations
Sony Hit With Second Texas Suit
Limewire Improves Security
CD Sales Drop Again
For Every 3 iPod, Creative Sells 1 MP3 Player
Paramount Sues Ohio Man for File Sharing, But War Drivers May Have Done It
Creative Zen Vision M
Ipsos-Reid: Only 2% of Consumers Care About Legal Issues With Downloading
P2P Polluter OverPeer Closed
Court Awards RIAA $22.5K From File Trader
Music Industry Says Jail Lyric Site Operators
Santangelo Loses Lawyer. To Defend Herself in File Share Trial
KaZaa Blocks Users From the Land of Oz
French Consider Severe Digital Restrictions
The Fluidity of P2P
Sony Introduces PSP TV Downloads
First RIAA P2P File Share Trial
Solipsis P2P
iPod Killers for Christmas 2005 Part III
Barenaked Ladies Release Thumb Drive Album with NO DRM
LamaBox, the File Sharing Appliance
Court Dismisses P2P Mom Appeal
Nareos Introduces PeerReach
iPod nano Sales Hot
Record Industry Lawyers Make Big Mistake in KaZaa Case
Post Sony CD Sales Hold Steady - SoundScan
KaZaa Must Filter by December 5
BitTorrent Goes Hollywood
Texas and EFF Sue Sony
Will The DOJ Investigate Sony?
Tivo to Record on iPod and PSP
Amazon and Sony Take Back Copy-Protected CDs
Hollywood Demands New Piracy Laws
RIAA Downs i2hub
Apple May Raise iTunes Prices
iPod Pushes TV Network Execs Online
Bush Administration to Sony: It's your intellectual property -- it's not your computer
Europe Groups Demand Consumer Digital Rights
Don't Use Sony DRM Uninstall Kit
iPod Holiday Buyers: 30% Replacing Older iPods
SunnComm Thinks iPod Parody Real. Officially Denies Report
Can iTunes Resurrect Old Time TV?
NBC and CBS to Rent TV Shows
Bang & Olufsen Beosound 3
Consumer Online Content Spending Grows 16% in US
Sony CD Spyware Spurs Lawsuits
Grokster Ends Fight
I Won't Buy Broadcast Flag or Other Crippled Products
iMesh Filter Not Perfect
Did Sony CD Malware Violate U.S. Computer Fraud and Abuse Act?
Hollywood Pushes Bill To Close Analog Hole
Devaluing the Product Part II - Sony Music CDs Threaten PCs
iTunes Sells 1 Million Video Files
Hollywood Frequently Misleads Press on Piracy Facts
Sony Music CDs Load RootKit. Danger!
Does Digital Content Have Zero Value?
Music for Free Frees the Music
Peerflix Facilitates DVD Trades
Fans Picket RIAA and Virgin Records on Digital Rights Management
Lawyers Fighting RIAA Want P2P Tech Experts
iPod Owner Portrait
Virgin Megastore Protest Against Copy-Protected CDs
Thoughts on Apple, Satellite Radio and the Record Industry
Angry Nano Owners Sue Apple
Apple Portable Does Video. Notes.
Copyright Law: How to Write to Your Representative
Record Industry Sues Schoolgirl, Mainstream Media Doesn't Care
Microsoft Drops its Music Plan
iTunes Security Spoof
Standards? What Standards?
FrostWire Beta Online
Copyright is Not Equal to 'Activities Are Unauthorized'
iPod Killers for Christmas 2005 Part II
Lawyers Host Conference to Fight Record Industry Lawsuits
The Net is the Independent Artist's Radio
RIAA Picks on Little Girl
iPod Killers for Christmas 2005 Part I
Microsoft Walks From Record Label Talks
SanDisk is Number 2 in MP3 Player Sales?
MP3 Player From Disney
Harvey Danger Releases New Album Online for Free
Mother sues RIAA under RICO Act
Digital Music Sales Triple Claims Record Industry
FrostWire for File Traders
New Motion to Drop File Sharing Case
RIAA Loses File Sharer Lawsuit
eDonkey to Throw in the Towel
RIAA Still Suing File Traders
SwiMP3 Review
Apple to Fix iPod Nano Flaws
MP3 Player on the Head of a Pin
BitTorrent gets $8.75 million
Italians Revive WinMX
WinMX Shut Down
Next Limewire to Block Files
Latest iTunes Update Brings Headaches
Three Moms Fight Record Industry Lawsuits
eDonkey is Alive and Well Living in NJ
Sued By the RIAA? Call These Lawyers
MovieLabs: Hollywood Builds Lab to Fight File Sharing
RIAA Goes After Other P2P Companies
iPod Nano Flying Off NJ Shelves
New Sony Portables Lost in the iPod shuffle
iPod Nano
Sony PSP As Personal Media Player - Review
CraftyTV: Free Streaming of Popular TV Shows
Apple iPod Phone Debuts
Interview with the RIAA Mom
KaZaa Loses in Australian Court
P2P TV Streaming Coming Soon
Rio Dies. Rio Carbon C Stillborn
The P2P Broadband Symbiosis
Kazaa Decision Due Today
Pear Jam to Release Live Shows in MP3. Does This Violate Patent?
Big Music's Way-Way Factor
Mashboxx Coming in November
Family Guy Movie Leaked on P2P. So What?
Fear of Change Endemic to Early Media
New York Mom Battles Big Music
Yahoo Tests Paid Music Search Engine
Hollywood Targets Online Sales
Rehabilitating BitTorrent
P2P: Still on the Congressional Hit List
On Creativity, Computers and Copyright
File Sharers Buy 5X more Online Music Than Non Traders
XM and Samsung to Build First MP3 Satellite Player
Record Industry Settles With Spitzer
iPod Video: Selling What is Already Free
Video iPod: Speculation is Rife
MGM V. Grokster: Actively Encourage is the Test
File Sharing Continues to Rise
Make a Working Edison Phonograph From Plastic Cups
New Creative Zen Vision
BBC's Free Beethoven Downloads. Record Labels Complain
iPod Sales Surge
MP3 Players to Find 56 Million Owners by 2010
Dell and Napster Hook Up
BitTorrent: Can 1999 Bram Cohen Remarks Open Him to Litigation?
Media Industry in School: Brainwashing YOUR Child
Spyware May Slow P2P, Not RIAA
iPod Adds Podcasting
Broadcast Flag: Media Industry May Try to Steal the Law
Interview With StreamCast on Grokster Ruling
Music Industry 'Ravaged by Pirates' Report. File Under Fiction
Broadcast Flag: Sneak Not Attempted
FTC P2P Study
MP3 Players for Summer 2005 Part II
Coldplay: 8% of New Album's Sales are Paid Downloads
Microsoft Gets Very Own BitTorrent
Grokster v MGM: The End or the Beginning?
Ericsson and Napster Open Mobile Music Service
Archos AV 700 Mobile DVR
Big Music vs Digital Radio
SNOCAP Launched
MP3 Players for Summer 2005
Sony PSP Movie Sales Strong
Canada To Revise Copyright Law
iTunes Over P2P? NPD Group's Suspect Research
Sony CDs Add New Anti-Piracy Scheme
Fed Takes Down Torrent Sites
iPod with Podcast
BitTorrent Search Engine Coming
New Big Music Defeat in Canada
BitTorrent Goes Trackerless
File Sharing Damages Only Worth $5 per Month
Microsoft v. Sony v. Nintendo
BBC Goes P2P
Broadcast Flag Ruling Angers MPAA
MPAA Sues TV File Sharing Sites
Yahoo Adds Online Music Service
YOU as an RIAA Victim
Archos Releases MP3 New Player
Broadcast Flag At Half Mast
MPAA Victory in Rossi Case
RIAA Suits May Actually Promote File Sharing
Value, iTunes and Other Paid Music Download Services
Music Stealing All Around
Internet2, the RIAA, and the Princeton Professor
Kazaa Sued by Ohio Couple
Bush Signs Hollywood Act
Ghost Music
Creative Sells 2 Million MP3 Players
MPAA Investigated for Payoff of NY Cops
P2P Virus Targets File Sharers
Copyright Bill Passed in Congress Will Criminalize File Sharing
What Makes a Journalist? Thoughts on Apple and Think Secret
Viralg Claims it Can Eliminate File Sharing
The Google of Indie Music
Sony NAS-CZ1 Plays iTunes
StationRipper: Ripping from the Radio Part II
MP3 Players Approach Critical Mass
iPod 5.3 Million Sold
Nike MP3 Player Has GPS
PyMusique is now Musik
Fear of Change Endemic to Early Media
Interview with Mike Weiss of StreamCast
Student Beats Copyright Lawyers
Apple to Announce Quarter Sales Figures
RIAA Sues Internet2 Users
Research: After iPod Teens Want Sony
Grokster v MGM Transcript Notes
File Sharing Revolutionaries or Cheapskates?
Bruce Springsteen's 'The Boss' iPod
Podcast Popularity Booms
XM Revives iPod Satellite Hopes
Napster Numbers
Movie Downloads for $30 a Month
The Record Industry's Problems
MGM v Grokster Day 1
Sony iTunes for Movies
iPodlounge Releases 2005 iPod Buyer's Guide
Yet Another Samsung MP3 Player
Grokster v MGM BitTorrents
Mark Cuban Finances P2P Services in Supreme Court
Pez Dispenser Becomes MP3 Player
Can Free Broadcast TV Really Be Napsterized?
Pew Internet Study on File Sharing and the Press
File Sharing on the Rise: Pew Study
Record Sales Up. MP3 Newswire Credits File Sharing
MP3 Frees the Music of Fiona Apple
PyMusique Opens iTunes Again
Sony PSP Launches at Midnight
Apple Disables PyMusique
Samsung's Nine New MP3 Portables
PyMusique - iTunes Songs Without DRM
Senator Hatch Gets Top Copyright Job
Countdown to Grokster v MGM
Chevy HHR Integrates iPod
MP3 Player Sales to Jump
iPod Shuffle With FM Tuner? Nope
Aussie P2P Sites Close on Raid Fears
Court's Acquit French Movie 'Pirate'
Hollywood's P2P PR Blitz
Judge Rules for Apple in ID Case
New Sony Players Drop Price to Match iPod
Extraordinary Gall: RIAA v. Fans (Round 8,501)
BitTorrent 4.0.0 is Now Online
Virgin's iPod Killer Dead Ruled Not in Violation of Russian Copyright Law
Sharman Asset Freeze Story Wrong
Creative Zen chases Apple iPod
Napster Ups Revenue Projections
File Sharing Leads to Communism?
iTunes Prices Too High

File Sharing Movies: Half of All Americans Aware
The UK's All-Digital Movie Network
LokiTorrent, MPAA saga: Part III
FireWire No Longer With iPod
Rated "I" for Inappropriate
iPod Gets Refresh. Cuts Prices
Big Music Sues Another Grandma
iPod Memory Needs Overwhelm Toshiba
LokiTorrent Not Closed by Court? Closed by Private Deal With MPAA?
iPod and MP3 Players Go Mainstream
Sony PSP Music Service
Archos Launches 100GB Portable Media Player
Napster Hack Turns Song Rentals into Free Downloads
MP3 Player With Built-in Bluetooth
Samsung's Diamond Studded MP3 Player
LokiTorrent Data Fears Revived
MPAA Shuts LokiTorrent, Gets Sever Info
eXLite vs eXeem Lite
iPod Satellite: Jobs Tells Sirius CEO No
BitTorrent in Morpheus 4.7
WikiPod, The iPod Encyclopedia
Sarbanes-Oxley Act Will Help Record Artists
Record Industry Sues the Dead for File Sharing
Napster and iTunes Super Bowl Ads Tank
iPod Shuffle Gets Dock Robertson's MP3tunes
Napster Targets iPod at Super Bowl
The Digital Music Revolution

MPAA v BitTorrent
Movie Industry Sues File Traders Again
Supreme Court: Grokster v Hollywood, Reloaded
eXeem Lite is Spyware Free
Napster to Sell Flicks
Three P2P Networks Hit 2 Million Simultaneous User Mark
Downloads and 'Guerilla Slavery'
Sony Admits They Should Have Had The iPod
KaZaa Security Alert
Date Set for Morpheus/Grokster
NFL Targets MP3 Players
California Bill To Criminalize P2P Development
Videora 1.0. BitTorrent for the Uninitiated
Minty iPod Killer. Build Your Own MP3 Player
iPod Shuffle Sells Out
Digital Media Wishlist for 2005
The Rio CE2100
Napster in Patent Case
BayTSP chases BitTorrent 1st seeds
iPod Shuffle is CHEAPER Than Competition
Creative Technologies Sells 2 Million MP3 Players For Holiday
Overpeer's Latest Dirty Trick is a WMA Trojan
The Digital Media Losers of 2004

The Digital Media Winners of 2004


Court to Revisit Grokster Case
Artists, Musicians Love the Net
iPod Satellite Rumor
Big Music Canada Fiasco
iPod Killers for Christmas Part V
Dijjer is Ian Clarke's New P2P Tool
LimeWire 4.2 Introduces Firewall-to-Firewall Transfers
Research: File Traders Buy Digital Downloads Too
Movie Industry to Sue File Traders Too
iPod Buyers Guide Released
SunnComm's New CD Copy Protection Software
iPod Killers for Christmas Part IV
Waterproof MP3 Player is for Laps Around the Pool
Two New iPods
CD sales up, says RIAA
iPod Killers for Christmas Part III
Album Released on Flash Memory Card
Bono at Apple Promo
iPod Killers for Christmas Part II
iPod Killers for Christmas Part I

iRiver Turns Focus on In-Dash MP3 Players
Big Media Asks Supreme Court to Reverse Grokster Decision
Induce Act Stalls in Congress
Meet Morpheus 4.5 with NeoNet
Online Movie Download Sales To Grow
California State Bill 1506 - File Traders Get Mark of Caine
Shareaza Review
MP3 Portable Market to Hit $52B by 2008
The Bose iPod SoundDock
Archos Gmini 400, 5.6 Ounce MP3/Video Portable
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act Will Help Record Artist
eDonkey2000 Closes in on FastTrack
AudioFeast: Radio Streams for Digital Portables
Movies For Music Contest Winners
Copyright Office Says No to P2P
Save Betamax Tuesday
Getting Into KCeasy
The Record Industry - The New AMTRAK?
World-wide P2P User Increase
Interview With a Victim of the RIAA
Creative MuVo2 Adds Color
File-share Ruling Delights P2P Ops
1950s Europe Copyrights End
MobiNote Introduces Portable Video/MP3 Player With 7" Screen
Copyright and Digital Media
iPod Gets a Facelift
Thump: Oakley's MP3 Sunglasses
An iPod for the Car Starts with BMW
iTunes on a roll in the UK
Fahrenheit 9/11: on P2P Everywhere
Beastie Boys 5 Boroughs DRM Flak
Sony Digital Video Portable Media Player
Real Network's Online Movie Service
Creative Zen Portable Media Player
StationRipper: Ripping from the Radio
Sony vs Apple: Vaio Pocket VGF-AP1
Apple and Real - A Few Thoughts
1 in 5 file traders share movies
Mike Godwin and Legal Thoughts on Digital Rights
Digital Rights Management or Taxes?
Mini iPod upgrades - for FREE!
Record Industry Wants iTunes to Charge More
New RIAA File Sharing Attack
Ares/Warez P2P

Apple Mini Rescues the Microdrive

Grey Album goes Gold!
iPod Mini Released


Thomas Edison, Intellectual Property and the Recording Industry:
Chapter 1 -- The Dawn of Recorded Music and the First Pirates
Chapter 2 -- Music, Movies and Monopoly
Chapter 3 -- The Industry Evolves
Chapter 4 -- Copyright and the Grand Illusion
Chapter 5 -- Bringing the Past Into the Present
Copy Protection and the Reasonable Man
Music industry stance an old, broken record - The Age (April 20 2004)
Peter Gabriel, Brian Eno, to Form Digital Musicians Union
Pepsi Uses RIAA Victims in Ad
Morpheus 4 is Here hacked
The Digital Media Winners of 2003
The Digital Media Losers of 2003
Jon Lech Johansen acquitted
MP3 Portable Sales Double This Year
Downloading Legalized in Canada - For a Price
K-Lite alive and well
MP3 Newswire Turns Five
Economics of File-Sharing
HP to Add Music Store and Player
More File Traders Sued by RIAA fades. 1.6 Million Songs Gone
The 20GB/40GB Rio Karma Plays Ogg Vorbis
DRM music goldrush is a race for losers? - Comments on Robertson's Comments
Meet Barry K. Robinson
Review: The Archos AV320 Video/Audio Portable Recorder
No Jail Time for Aussie File Traders
MyTunes Turns iTunes into File Trade Service
Robinson denies conflict of interest
RIAA to Apple - thanks for the $$$$
iTunes 5 - Napster 1
Australian Student File Traders Looking at 5 Years
New Site Promotes Dialogue on Both Sides of P2P
Online singles are booming
Round 2 of RIAA Lawsuits
File sharers would be jailed under FTAA Treaty
Archos AV380: 80GB Portable CinemaBox
A new tech battle brews in D.C.
MIT 'free music' scheme comes unstuck
RIAA Sequentially Repeating Edison's Mistakes forgets to renew domain name
Let's Play Starving Artist
RIAA gets $2500 from Lorraine Sullivan
RIAA statistics. Fact or fiction?
Princeton Student Sued Over Paper on CD Copying
CDs and the Scarcity Principal
RIAA, p2p reps to meet at Coleman hearing
iMesh Sued by Record Lobby)
The RIAA's Amnesty Program - a Sucker Deal
The Right to Resell the Digital Music Files You Bought
RIAA victim says she has to settle
Open letter to Cary Sherman and the RIAA
The RIAA Settles Fast With 12-year-old Trader
Open Letter: Webcaster Alliance Letter to RIAA
Is KaZaA using the DMCA on Kazaa Lite?
RIAA Explanation Just Another Lie
Friday Night on TechTV - 'Music Wars: Open Mike'
A Phishy tale: Downloading can work for you

New Zealand Shows Music Piracy Boosts Sales - Slashdot (Dec 12 2003) archive is destroyed - The Register (Dec 2 2003)
Getting a fair share of the digital pie - (Dec 2 2003)'s Content to Be Destroyed - Slashdot (Nov 28 2003)
Feel Free to Jack Into My IPod - Wired (Nov 21 2003)

Your 99c belong to the RIAA - Steve Jobs - The Register (Nov 8 2003)

Send lawyers, guns and money - Salon (Nov 7 2003)
Great Tunes, but Where's the Cover? - NY Times (Nov 7 2003)
Same Old Song - Slate (Nov 6 2003)
Are PCs next in Hollywood piracy battle? -
FCC Approves First Digital Anti-Piracy Measure - Washington Post (Nov 5 2003) Website coalition organizes boycott
MTV guns for iTunes - CNET (Nov 4 2003)
Millions deleted downloads - SF Gate (Nov 4 2003)
Musicmatch tries to stay plugged into iPod - CNET (Nov 3 2003)
Red Rover: P2P for people in repressive regimes
Patent ruling tugs at Net downloads - CNET (Nov 3 2003)
Media companies quietly using P2P networks - CNET (Nov 3 2003)
iRiver iHP-120 Plays Ogg Vorbis
Lawmaker gives thumbs-up to RIAA clampdown - CNET (Nov 1 2003)
U.K. copyright law takes effect - CNET (Oct 31 2003)
With cable at MIT, who needs Napster? - CNET (Oct 29 2003)
New tune on digital music - San Jose Mercury News (Oct 28 2003)
FCC nears vote on TV 'broadcast flag' - CNET (Oct 28 2003)
EFA Claims No Illegal Material On - Slashdot (Oct 28 2003)
Apple cracks open the iPod, slightly - CNET (Oct 24 2003)
EMI to Offer Digital Music Online - Newsday (Oct 23 2003)

Study: Most movies leaked on Net tied to biz - CNN (Oct 23 2003)
The march of the mini music drives - CNET (Oct 22 2003)
Broadcast Flag All But Approved - Slashdot (Oct 22 2003)

Apple tweaks iTunes for Windows - CNET (Oct 22 2003)
Paying for Apple iTunes with PayPal - Slashdot (Oct 22 2003)
Apple whistles a happy 1 million iTunes - CNET (Oct 20 2003)
U.S., Microsoft fight over online music - Salon (Oct 20 2003)

Suing Your Customers: A Winning Business Strategy? - Wharton (Oct 10 2003)
Napster launches, minus the revolution - CNET (Oct 10 2003)
Two Out of Three American Teens Oppose Fines for Music File Sharers
Kazaa backs plan that could spell an end to the days of free music - SMH (Oct 9 2003
Upstart Labels See File Sharing as Ally, Not Foe - NY Times (Sept 24 2003)
Why the Record Companies Have to Play Hardball - Newsweek (Sept 24 2003)
The pot calling the kettle [expletive deleted] - Washington Post (Sept 24 2003)
BMG Offers Legal Song Sharing - Washington Post (Sept 24 2003)
Listening Comparisons For Audio Codecs At 64kbps - Slashdot (Sept 22 2003)
Compulsory Licensing - Where Are the Defenders of HTTP? - LawMeme (Sept 20 03)
Distributors of DVD-copy software sued - CNET (Sept 18 2003)
Court Weighs Subpoenas in Music Downloads - Yahoo (Sept 16 2003)
SBC Won't Name Names in File-Sharing Cases - NY Times (Sept 16 2003)
MP3s Are Not the Devil: Part 1 - The Ornery American (Sept 16 2003)

Recording industry's missteps - Denver Post (Sept 15 2003)
Artists blast record companies over lawsuits against downloaders - SFGate
Activity on Song-Swapping Networks Steady - Rueters (Sept 11 2003)
As music adapts, consumers win - Christian Science Monitor (Sept 11 2003)
Suing Music Downloaders - NY Times (Sept 11 2003)
RIAA Sued For Amnesty Offer - Slashdot (Sept 10 2003)
What The RIAA Gets Out Of File Sharing - Slashdot(Sept 10 2003)
The RIAA sees the face of evil, and it's a 12-year-old girl - The Register (Sept 9 2003)
Individuals should not accept RIAA's offer of amnesty - PC World (Sept 8 2003)
Entertainment Industry Faces Problems Mergers Won't Solve - NY Times (Set 8 2003)
Why I've stopped sharing music - CNN (Sept 8 2003)
Children among those sued by RIAA
First legal action by RIAA subpoena target
RIAA and MPAA - using schools as sales points
Copyrights: Two-thirds of adult file traders couldn't care less
Price Cuts Shake Up Music Industry - NY Times (Sept 5 2003)
Rumor: The iPod Movie Player
Universal Music Group Reduces CD Prices - CNN (Sept 4 2003)

Study: CDs may soon go the way of vinyl - CNN (Sept 4 2003)
Lawyers argue RIAA broke law - Salon (Sept 3 2003)
RIAA: U.S. Music Shipments Down 15.8% - Billboard (Sept 2,2003)
Court blocks some file-trading subpoenas
Webcaster Alliance, Inc. Files Anticompetitive Complaint Against the RIAA
RIAA Claims Music On Car Radios Meant Only For Original Vehicle Owner!!!!
RCA to Release MPEG4 Portable Player/Recorder
Labels charged with price-fixing - again
Gateway's Digital Music Player
Big Five labels turn on Spain
Earthstation 5: Uncovered
Small Webcasters sue RIAA - CNET (Aug 27 2003)
RIAA turns up heat on subpoena fighter - CNET (Aug 27 2003)
Samsung unveils digital video recorder - CNET (Aug 27 2003)
Music Industry Unveils Tracking Methods - Zeropaid (Aug 27 2003)
Wanadoo is not caching your KaZaA - The Register (Aug 8 2003)
Three-note approach to music download services - NewMediaZero (Aug 7 2003)
The future of a scare campaign - CNET (Aug 4 2003)
Lawmaker seeks info on RIAA dragnet - CNET (Aug 1 2003)
Archos Has New Portable CinemaBox
Latest KaZaa Lite and K++ to Block RIAA Snooping
Trading up 10% or Down 15%?
File swappers act quickly to cloak users' identity
Terminator Four, starring Senator Orrin Hatch
Research: Why are music sales falling? DOWNLOADING (ahem)
Efficiency of the Market and dmusic to join forces
Pac Bell's Internet arm sues music industry over file-sharer IDs - SF Gate (July 31 2003) Lawmaker seeks info on RIAA dragnet - CNET (July 31 2003)
MPAA launches anti-piracy media campaign
BC, MIT decline to name students in music-use case
DVD burner sales on fire - CNET (July 31 2003)
Napster's back -- and this time its file sharing is legal - SF Chronicle (July 30 2003)

Cyber sleuths hunt file-swappers - BBC (Jult 30 2003)
RIAA will take 2191.78 years to sue everyone - Inquirer (July 302003)
BuyMusic's downloads strike a sour note - USAToday (July 30 2003)
Music industry goes after ordinary young listeners - Sun Times (July 20 2003)
How to infuriate the RIAA and stay enragingly legal - The Inquirer(July 12 2003)
Copyrights and Wrongs - The Morning News (July 11 2003)
"...offering carrots and wielding sticks..."
Hacking Your Nomad MP3 Player - Extreme Tech (July 11 2003)
Ben Harper Gets Mad - Performong Songwriter Magazine (June 7, 2003)
Kazaa Founders Launch New Secure P2P Technology
Murray bill forcing record companies into honesty passes US senate
Verizon to Name Names
AAC Public Listening test
Review: Neuros MP3 Jukebox
CNET Special Report - Online music on verge of revolution:
1. State of the art: A medium reborn
2. Microsoft, again: Apple's old nemesis
3. Free vs. fee: Underground still thrives
Kazaa to patch 'serious' vulnerability - ZDNET (May 27 2003)
RIAA vs The Economy - Slashdot (May 20 2003)
Madrid Music Web Site Tests Downloading Legality - Reuters (May 20 2003)
You say you want a revolution? Meet Kast.
Napster back. Again.
Slyck’s Guide to BitTorrent
RIAA Drops a Bollock - Part II
Roxio Buys Sony-Universal Online Venture - AP (May 20 2003)
Fizzer Just Loves Kazaa
File Traders in Court: A Running Tally to Date
Nielsen/NetRatings: file traders buy music Back Online
LA Judge - P2P Services Legal!
RIAA to file swappers: Let's chat
New Slimmer, Lighter iPod for Spring
Apple iTunes Music Store - 275,000 Tracks Sold in 18 Hours
Samsung MP3 Player Offers Surround Sound
Interview With the President of Grokster
RIAA Pit of Confusion
Hackers: iTunes can be shared over Net - CNET (May 13 2003)
Lawrence Lessig: Grokster's victory for innovation - Financial Times (May 12 2003)
RIAA apologizes for threatening letter - CNET (May 12 2003)
Court draws a line for online privacy - CNET (May 12 2003)
Court: Verizon Must ID File Trader in Two Weeks
The On2 VP6 Video Codec - (May 12 2003)
Jesse Jordon: Interview with Student Sued by RIAA - CNN (May 7 2003)
Madonna's Borderline MP3 Tactics - Security Focus
Streamcast's new boss--same as the old boss - CNET (May 6 2003)
Video Codec shoot-out 2003 - 1st installment - Doom9 (May 6 2003)
Software Bullet Is Sought to Kill Musical Piracy - NY Times (May 4 2003)
XoloX Applauds US Court Ruling
PROOF That File Trading Sells DVDs...Sort Of
Bantam's iPod Clone
The Music Piracy Myth
Is Apple Buying Universal Music Good?
Analysis of RIAA vs Princeton Student
Radio Stations Can't Play Crippled Music Disks
Arista looks to Copy-protect all CDs
SonicBlue to Fade Away
Apple's New Service Beats Illegal Free Sites - Wall Street Journal ( April 30 2003)
Heading off film piracy Movie trade group staying one step ahead in lobbying efforts
Hilary Rosen from RIAA will write Iraq's Copyrights? - The Register (April 29 2003)
Downloading Music: A Right or a Crime? - NY Times (April 27 2002)
Recording Industry Goes After Students Over Music Sharing - NT Times
Morpheus, Grokster Not Liable for Piracy - Associated Press (April 26 2002)
Judge rejects Verizon challenge in Net music downloading case - Boston Globe
U.S. Sides with Record Labels in Internet Case - Reuters (April 18 2003)
Indies Blossoming Despite RIAA - Christian Science Monitor (April 11 2003)
Ipsos-Reid Research: File Traders Feel Activities Are Not Wrong
Apple Paid Digital Music Service. Can it Overcome Record Industry Resistance?
Free content: Why not?- CNET (April 4 2003)
RIAA sues campus file-swappers - CNET (April 3 2003)
Webcasters, RIAA propose new royalties - CNET (April 3 2003)
Texas Rep Wants To Jail File Traders
Antipiracy pamphlets head to college - CNET (March 27 2003)
Experts: Copyright law hurts technology - CNET (March 3 2003)
Burning and turning - 40 million file-sharers in current US population
What Napster has spawned - The Seattle Times (March 1 2003)
16 companies drive worldwide digital media and entertainment: report
eMule Interview
Gnutella vs. Gnutella2, Part 1
Gnutella vs. Gnutella2, Part 2
Kansas State U software identifies and then kills p2p apps
KaAaA Lite Privacy Tool
Record labels target multinationals
Mike Responds to Gnutella1 v. Gnutella2 Interviews - ( March 1 2003)
The record industry is desperately seeking a way out of its problems - The Economist
Congress targets P2P piracy on campus - CNET (Feb 27 2003)
The Five Dumbest Things on Wall Street This Week -
Locutus: P2P with security
Mix cd swapping is goooooooood!
Proposed European Commission Directive Leaves File Traders Alone, But…
Claim your settlement from the record industry price fixing case.
Official Soulseek Press Release
So You Want Some Movies
Information on Soulseek
The MP3 Losers of 2002
The MP3 Winners of 2002
Internet file-swapper frustrates entertainment industry - NY Daily News (Feb 2 2003)
Verizon Made Offer to Name Some Names - LA Times (Feb 1 2003)
Embrace file-sharing, or die - Salon (Feb 1 2003)
Why don't DJs just name that tune? - LA Times (Feb 1 2003)
Is RIAA 'Verizon' subpoena a new form of SPAM?
Britain's easyInternetcafé chain guilty of copyright infringement
Who Controls Your Digital Media? Shoudn't it be You -Electronic Frontier Foundation
Copyrights, A radical rethink - The Economist (Jan 27 2003)
The Race to Kill Kazaa - Wired (Jan 27 2003)
Tech firms fight copy-protection laws - CNET (Jan 23 2003)
The Year The Music Dies - Wired (Jan 23 2003)
RIAA wins battle to ID Kazaa user
New group wants Congress to oppose Hollywood technology mandates
Can XM Put Radio Back Together Again? - Wahington Post (Jan 20 2003)
RIAA: ISPs should pay for music swapping - CNET (Jan 19 2003)
"I poisoned P2P networks for the RIAA" - whistleblower - The Register (Jan 17 2003)
Battered Record Execs Set to Face the Music - Reuters (Jan 17 2003)
MPAA Spurns Digital Copyright Plans - Yahoo (Jan 14 2003)
Commentary: Digital Denial - CNET (Jan 13 2003)
Norway teen cleared in DVD piracy case
- CNET (Jan 7 2003)
Judge Grants Reprieve to Madster - (Jan 7 2003)
Music Biz: Compromise Is Key - Wired (Jan 7 2003)
DMCA Loophole: Is TV Show Swapping Legal? - Fortune (Jan 5 2003)
The Future of WinMX
New bill calls for drastic changes to DCMA
Don't let Hollywood make the rules
Looking for 50 Beta Testers for the Philips Streamium MC-i250
More KaZaA Lite Updates


Reflecting on Consumer Attitudes
Shareaza Inteview

European Copyrights Expiring on Recordings From 1950's
The RIAA is Hacked Once Again
Ear damage by MP3, DVD and digital television?
DMCA: Comments on Rulemaking on Exemptions on Anticirumvention
"DVD-Jon" faces retrial
Malicious MP3s? New MS and WinAmp Flaws Found.
Solving the p2p dilema
Optimum Online Says Don't Upload Music Files...Or Else.
Jon Johansen - v - Hollywood
eDonkey/Overnet Interview
Review: The Archos Jukebox Multimedia
The Motley Fool: Death grip on music files - (Dec 31 2002)
Digital world tests definition of fair use - Rocky Mountain News (Dec 30 2002)
'Twas the Night Before Christmas, 2002 "With visions of Rosen and Valenti in their heads" - Security Focus (Dec 22 2002)
RIAA's Statistics Don't Add Up to Piracy
iMesh Exclusive: Interview with CEO Elon Oren
Creative Targets iPod with Nomad Jukebox Zen
Author Sues Over Peter Pan Copyright
Blubster: Reloaded
Ipsos-Reid: More Americans Taste Tunes on Net
Broadcast Flag- to be, or not to be?
Missing RIAA figures shoot down "piracy" canard - The Register (Dec 20 2002)
Copy protection logjam shows signs of breaking - EE Times (Dec 16 2002)
Music industry fight to block Net access hits new lows - USA Today (Dec 13 2002)
Record industry braces for lumps of coal in its stocking - USA Today (Dec 13 2002)
Lawrence Lessig: Racing Against Time - CIO Insight (Dec 13 2002)
Coalition urges Ottawa to scrap levy on Blank CDs - Toronto Star (Dec 12 2002)
Point: Music industry fight to block Net access hits new lows - USA Today's view
Counterpoint: Online piracy is illegal - Hilary Rosen's View
Laurence Lessig on Copyright
Trade Files? The US Attorney General May Be Coming After YOU.
FALLOUT - Janis Ian's follow up to The Internet Debacle
Alleged DVD hacker pleads not guilty - CNET (December 8 2002)
Piracy is Progressive Taxation, and Other Thoughts on the Evolution of Online Distribution
Madster still Upster
Sweden and Denmark join anti-pirate frenzy
Replay it again, Sam - Salon (December 8 2002)
Deal rescues fee break for Webcasters - CNET (November 15 2002)
Copy protection on CDs is 'worthless' - New Scientist (November 7 2002)
P2P: They can slow it down, but they can't kill it, says new research paper
Review: Archos Jukebox Camera
Judge to Decide on KaZaa Suit
Don't become Hollywood p2p cops
'No more music CDs without copy protection,' claims BMG unit - (November 7 2002)
New audio formats come with price - MSNBC (November 7 2002)
RIAA Sees No Future For N.Y. Artists' Bill - Billboard (November 5 2002)
Ogg Vorbis for Palm
Roxio wants Napster
Gnutella2 Specifications Part One
Don't become Hollywood p2p cops
Record Sales, MP3 downloads, and the Annihilation Hypothesis
Canadian ISP's would be forced to become Net spies, if new plan goes through
Music label widens door to Net
RIAA replies to Politech over Hilary Rosen and Oxford debate
Freenet Returns
Raising the Barriers to Entry
Marketers Try to Turn Web Pirates Into Customers - NY Times (November 5 2002)
Hilary Rosen Responds to Janis Ian: Misinformation and Mischaracterizations - RIAA
Music industry spins falsehood - Janis Ian, USA Today
Apple iPod on Target for 4 million Units
SongSpy R.I.P.
Internet radio refuses to die - CNN (Oct 30 2002)
Oxford Union Debate - This House believes that "the free music mentality is a threat to the future of music."
Band Can't Sell Own Music on EBay - Wired (Oct 25)
Research: 1/4th of U.S. Downloaders Would Pay for Fee-Based Online Music
MediaFarce - ever alert!
Can I borrow your computer while you're asleep, please? - Altnet
Archos Introduces the Jukebox FM Recorder 20
It’s illegal and it’s a drag!
iRiver Announces Two New Digital Music Portables
SonicBlue Ships Two New Rios
KaZaa 2.0 Released
Microsoft finds marketing outlet in Kazaa - Los Angeles Times (October 22 2002)
Small Webcasters get fee reprieve - CNET (October 21 2002)
Senate puts Webcasting bill on hold - CNET (October 21 2002)
RIAA-backed webcast bill 'a disaster for the US' - The Register (October 17 2002)
Copyrights/Patents are Public Domain? - Infoworld (Oct 14 2002)
Making My Own Music - NY Times Op Ed (October 12 2002)
Live From Eldred v. Ashcroft - I - LawMeme (Oct 9 2002)
Clay Pigeons: RIAA smoke and mirrors - Dave Marsh, StarPolish (Oct 9 2002)
High court weighs copyright law - CNET (Oct 9 2002)
Microsoft nixes TV copy protection - CNET (Oct 9 2002)
House tosses Web-casters a bone - The Register (Oct 8 2002)
The Mambo Digital Media-X PhotoBank Jukebox
Eternal copyright to be challenged in high court - The Register (Oct 8 2002)
Dispute threatens Net radio deal - CNET (Oct 7 2002)
Foes of online music swapping sing out in Sacramento - SF Gate (Oct 7 2002)
Judge brands song swap laws 'unclear' - (Oct 7 2002)
Samsung's First Jukebox MP3 Portable
The Recording Industry is Trying to Kill the Goose That Lays the Golden Egg
Ogg Vorbis Makes Run for Portable Music Players
One Woman's Fight to Save P2P
A Nation of Thieves?
Court Shuts Down Madster
RIAA Sues Radio Stations for Giving Away Free Music - The Onion
Eldred v. Ashcroft Copyright Case - Law School in a Nutshell, Part 1
Eldred v. Ashcroft Copyright Case - Law School in a Nutshell, Part 2
One Buck Forty or Die - PC Magazine (Oct 6 2002)
Warner Bros Threatens Canadian Grokster User
New P2P News Site Goes Online
Boucher's DMCRA sandbags Pigopolists, DMCA - The Registar (Oct 4, 2002)
Brief Report from the Verizon v. RIAA Hearing Today - GrepLaw (Oct 4, 2002)
MTV producing movie on Napster founder - CNET (Oct 4, 2002)
House Drops Copyright Royalty Vote - (Oct 2 2002)
Bill may give Webcasters reprieve from royalty rates - NWF (Oct 1 2002)
Webcasters May Get Royalty Reprieve - PCWorld (Oct 1 2002)
New bill would save small Webcasters - CNET (Sept 30 2002)
Online Fans Start to Pay the Piper - NY Times
Bill would benefit small Webcasters - Mercury News
Inslee Introduces "Internet Radio Fairness Act"
A Third Hack on RIAA Site
Music Cos to Pay $67.4 Million in Price-Fixing Case - REUTERS (Sept 30 2002)
States settle CD price-fixing case - USA Today (Sept 30 2002)
Do you want to know how was hacked? The Register (Sept 21 2002)
One Woman's Fight to Save P2P - Online Community Report (Sept 21 2002)
Musicians try to keep sound alive - (Sept 21 2002)
Hollywood vs. the Internet - (Sept 21 2002)
New P2P Info Delivery Options Emerge - P2P Central (Sept 21 2002)
Lawrence Lessig's Supreme Showdown - Wired (September 19 2002)
We Can Run, but We Can't Hide: Who Enforces the DMCA -
Don't Blame CD Sales Woes on the Internet - Rolling Stone
P2P Consuming Broadband - Slyck
Major Record Chain to Sell Digital Music Downloads
Creative Nomad Muvo
Record Industry Wants Major ISPs to Play US Customs for Digital Music
RIAA Site Hacked Again
How the Record Labels Repay the Artist
Hit Charade: The music industry's self-inflicted wounds.
Epic Records Takes Steps to Seal Its Newest Music - NY Times (Sept 16 2002)
RIAA files proposed wording for Madster injunction - Albany Review (Sept 12 2002)
Napster To Become a Porn Site? - (Sept 12 2002)
E-mail a weapon in file-swap fight - CNET (Sept 12 2002)
Digital Divide: A History of the Digital Copyright Struggle - Nat. Journal (Sept 6 2002)
Tinkerers' champion: Princeton Prof. and copyright law - Economist (Sept 6 2002)
Ogg beats MP3 & The Rest In Listening Test - C'T (English from German translation)
MP3s Are Big Music's Savior, Not Slayer - Fortune (Sept 6 2002)
New Microsoft/HP PCs restrict copying - CNET (Sept 3 2002)
Review - SoulSeek P2P Network
Artists and Record Store Owners Offer Their Two Cents
PressPlay Shifts to Unlimited Downloads
Research: File Traders Buy Records?
RIAA Web Site Hacked
RIAA plans will cripple the Internet -
Why telecoms back the pirate cause - CNET (Aug 27 2002)
New MP3 License Terms Demand $0.75 Per Decoder - Slashdot (Aug 27 2002)
File sharing: Guilty as charged? - Salon (Aug 24 2002)
Her Platform for Congress? She Wants P2P for the People - Wired (Aug 24 2002)
Verizon Internet Services says no way to the RIAA - Wired (Aug 23 2002)
UK's DMCA: there ain't no sanity clause - The Register (Aug 23 2002)
DOJ to swappers: Law's not on your side - CNET (Aug 22 2002)
Music Debate Heads to the Hill - Washington Post (Aug 22 2002)
Just because the labels can charge royalties doesn't mean they should
New Salvo in Piracy, Privacy War - Wired (Aug 22 2002)
Music Industry Chases Free-Music Site Off Net - Yahoo (Aug 22 2002)
IWT Bans RIAA From Accessing Its Network - Informationwave (Aug 20 2002)
Debunking DMCA myths - CNET (Aug 19 2002)
We must engage in copyright debate - Mercury News (Aug 16 2002)
File-swapping foes exert P2P pressure - CNET (Aug 14 2002)
Now Ain't the Time for Your Tears - Dave Marsh, Starpolish
Webcasters, labels appeal Net radio fees - CNET (Aug 10 2002)
Usability and Privacy: A Study of Kazaa P2P Filesharing
KaZaA surpasses 100.000.000 downloads - CD Freaks (Aug 9 2002)
Gnutella bandwidth bandits - Salon (Aug 8 2002)
RoadRunner Blocking Use of Kazaa - Slashdot (July 13 2002)
Hollywood gets tough on copying - MSNBC (July 12 2002)
Gnutella pioneer Gene Kan dies - CNET (July 10 2002)
Labels defend MusicNet, Pressplay - CNET (July 8 2002)
Apple Introduces iPod for Windows
Music Industry Unveils New Piracy-Proof Format: A Black, Plastic Disc With Grooves On It
Sour Notes
Beta Testers Wanted for Two New Nike/Phillips MP3 Players
Review: Dioneer Dion DCP-100
Open Letter From Harvey Reid About Internet Radio
Record Industry Wants Royalties for Used CDs
US Commerce Department Wants Your Comments on Digital Rights
Bill to Make Attacks on P2P Networks Legal.
Net Radio Royalties Set. CARP Recommedations Halved.
Review: Xolox 1.18
Review: SliMP3 Network MP3 Player
New Flipster Portable Offers MPEG-4 Video and MP3 Tunes
RIAA and Audiogalaxy Settle
Coca-Cola Gets MP3 Player
Xolox Returns with the Release of 1.8
RIAA Sues Again
Review: WinMX 3.1
CARP Rejected. Net Radio Gets Reprieve - For Now
KaZaa Folds
Online music services accused of anti-competitiveness - ZDnet (July 8 2002)
"Random walkers" may speed peer-to-peer networks - New Scientists (July 5 2002)
Music labels go after song-swappers - MSNBC (July 3 2002)
New Chips Can Keep a Tight Rein on Consumers - NY Times (July 3 2002)
Net radio raises a pirate flag - CNET (July 3 2002)
MS security patch EULA gives Billg admin privileges on your box
Will Congress tackle pay-for-play? - Salon (June 25 2002)
Is Clear Channel selling hit singles? - Salon (June 25 2002)
They Got What They Wanted -- Will They Lose What They Had? - Dave Marsh
Another Crippled CD suit filed against record firms - (June 15 2002)
I Want My File-Served TV! - Fortune (June 15 2002)
R.I.P. Audiogalaxy
Silent Bob Does Panasonic e-Wear
New Ideas, Institutions, and Examples in Telecommunications Policy
Net Music That's a Steal—but Not Stolen - (June 12 2002)
Celine Dion Killed My iMac! - Mac Opinion (June 12 2002)
Software End User License Agreement Upheld In Court -
Microsoft OpEd piece on the CBDTPA - Art & Commerce in the Digital Decade
Homogenized Music - Washington Post (May 30 2002)
It's time to pay the pipers for downloads - Rolling Stone (May 30 2002)
But who are the real pirates? - Alex Cox, Media Guardian (May 27 2002)
Court Orders SonicBlue to Spy on ReplayTV Users
Worm" Crawls Into The KaZaA Network
Review: Gnucleus
Net Radio Goes Silent
Sharp PDA Now First OGG Portable
R.E.M. 'Reveals' Free Remixes
The Big Squeeze and the Jolly Roger - Dave Marsh, Starpolish (May 24 2002)
Give it away now - Salon (May 24 2002)
Label tests MP3 in song sale - CNET (May 24 2002)
Xolox is back with version 1.18
Xolox to Return
Linux Home Stereo Box Plays OGG Vorbis and MP3
Clarification on Apple's warranties and copy-protected CDs - Declan McCullagh
Record Industry Opens Attack On Consumer Rights - (May 24 2002)
Its Creator Says Kazaa Benjamin Worm Means Well - Newsbytes (May 22 2002)
Imagine: world with unlimited airwaves - (May 22 2002)
Interview with Jack Moffitt - Daniel James
Kazaa Lite Removes the Parasite Code
Altnet wakes up as worm spreads through KaZaA - (Register May 20 2002)
The LawMeme Guide to Spider-Man and Star Wars Bootlegs
Memorex Moment - Dave Marsh, Starpolish (May 13 2002)
Panasonic MP3/CD Portable Rips Direct to Internal Memory Card
6 CDs a Year, That's All You Get
Radio's big bully - Salon
Digital music: End the holy war - EMusic CEO Gene Hoffman
Promote online music, not online theft - by RIAA Chief Hilary Rosen
Songs That Won't Be Written - Mike Stoller of Lieber & Stoller, NY Times
iPod Jumps to 10 GB
SonicBlue Releases Rio Home Stereo
Napster Execs Resign, Fanning Gone.
Review: Blubster
New Celine Dion CD Kills iMacs!
KaZaA sneakware stirs inside PCs - CNN (May 8 2002)
Zeropaid Interview: Ian Clarke
Musicnet Fails to Impress Customers - MSNBC (May 7 2002) Interview: Team XoloX - (May 1 2002)
Paying the Cost to Feed the Boss - Dave Marsh, Star Polish (April 30 2002)
Musician to Napster judge: Let my music go - Salon (April 29 2002)
Zeropaid Interview: Shaun from - Zeropaid (April 29 2002)
Recording Artists Safety Guide to the Beach - (April 23 2002)
Hollywood vs. High-Tech - Business 2.0 (April 18 2002)
The Commercial Radio Wasteland - Chicago Tribune (April 16 2002)
Brilliant responds: Now YOU be the judge - ZDNET (April 16 2002)
Don't Confuse Fans With Pirates - Roger Ebert
Review: eDigital MXP100 with VoiceNav
Review: SongSpy
Online Movies, Taiwanese Law, and the American Film Industry
Valenti v. Lessig Video Debate
Review: Dension DMP3 Car MP3 Player
81% of music downloaders keep buying the same amount of CDs - Ipsos-Reid Market research
Recording industry spins out of control - SF Gate (March 10 2002)
Creative's Nomad 3 Goes FireWire
Sony Car: in-dash unit rips CDs on the fly
New MP3 portable targets live MP3 recording
Review: The New Pay Napster
Review: IBM's 1GB Microdrive
RCA releases first mp3PRO Portable
Rio's New 20GB Jukebox Player
MP3 2001 in Review: The Winners
MP3 2001 in Review: The Losers
Three Lawsuits and a Funeral
Napster Gets 10 Months to Prove Claim - LA Times (March 27 2002)
Bleak future looms if you don't take a stand - Sun Mercury News (March 27 2002)
Web radio's last stand - Salon (March 27 2002)
Broadcasters Don't Crave This TV - Wired (March 26 2002)
Kenwood MP3 Car System
Senator Introduces Long-Awaited Digital Piracy Bill - Yahoo (March 21 2002)
Where Music Will Be Coming From - NY Times (March 18 2002)
Old Morpheus still works for unhacked users - Register (March 15 02)
DigitalConsumer Takes Up the Fight Against Copyright Plans in Congress - WSJ
Chained melodies: Copyright-holding corporations are pushing new laws and computer-crippling technologies in their war on piracy - (March 13 2002)
Tariff on Blank CDs? Blame Canada - Wired (March 12 2002)
The Mouse That Ate The Public Domain - FindLaw (March 12 2002)
Taming the Consumer's Computer - NY Times Op-Ed (March 12 2002)
How to Remove CD Scratches - TechTV
How Lucky is Seven? - Dave Marsh, StarPolish (March 12 2002)
House Rep's Rap: Unshackle the CD - Wired (March 7 2002)
Morpheus is Still Down
Adventures in MP3 Part II
Adventures in MP3 Part I
Has Removed KaZaa from it's site?
Aimster CEO Declares Bankruptcy
Linux GUI for the Creative Nomad
KaZaa Was the Hacker? Says Morpheus Bills Not Paid.
Morpheus Was Hacked!
Republicans Should Back Recording Artists, Consumers - FoxNews (March 7 2002)
Morpheus woes lift rival from obscurity - CNET (March 5 2002)
21st Century Thug Life - Dave Marsh, Starpolish (March 5 2002)
The Customer Is Always Wrong - Steven Levy, MSNBC (March 4 2002)
Senate Democrats love SSSCA, GOP doesn't - Wired (March 2 2002)
The Music Industry's Web Of Intrigue - Billboard (February 28 2002)
RIAA Almost Down To Pre-Napster Revenues - Slashdot (February 27 2002)
Wipe That Smile Off Your Face, James Hetfield - Dave Marsh Starpolish (Feb 25 2002)
Review: eDonkey2000
Gnutella is Not O(N^2)
Napster Trial Delayed. Settlement May be in Works
Get The Best Sound From Your MP3's
KaZaa Sold, May Go Down Under
Clean LimeWire
KaZaa Suspends Downloads
New Napster Released
The Scratchy Record Of the Online Music Debate
OGG Vorbis RC3 Released
BBC dumps MP3 for Ogg Vorbis - (January 30, 2002)
The Digital Link: Understanding the Digital Home Video Controversy on Commercial Content (Copy) Protection - Brian Weatherhead (February 24 2002)
MGM movies, straight to your PC or TV - CNET (Feb 19 2002)
MP3 Developers Edge Toward Mac - NewsFactor
Patent ruling hangs over Net music, video - CNET
Time to rewrite the DMCA - by US Representative Rick Boucher
Companies fear costly MPEG-4 licenses - CNET (February 8 2002)
Music industry's digital plans 'fail' - BBC (February 8 2002)
Hitachi shows new MMC applications - Inforsync (February 7 2002)
A LEGAL MALPRACTICE CLAIM BY MP3.COM - FindLaw (February 7 2002)
SonicBlue makes gains in fourth quarter - VideoBusiness (February 6 2002)
Gentlemen, Start Your Burners - Dave Marsh, StarPolish (February 4 2002)
Studios race to choke DVD copying - CNET (February 4 2002)
TiVo files suit against rival Sonicblue - CNET (February 4 2002)
Privacy of MP3 fans at risk - BBC (February 2 2002)
Anger greets MPEG-4 licensing scheme - EETimes (Feb 1 2002)
Judge drops Napster bombshell - The Register (Feb 1 2002)
Record Companies on the Defensive - NY Times (Feb 1 2002) Reg required. to keep challenging DeCSS ruling - (January 30 2002)
Future of compact discs 'safe' - BBC January 30 2002)
Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA) watching KaZaA (Jan 30 2002) sings solo tune - CNET (January 28 2002)
Warner Home Video tries to classify DVD movies as software to double prices in Australia. Court rules otherwise - Sidney Morning Herald (Jan 27 2002)
Classical musicians applaud Web - Chicago Tribune (January 22 2002) Sues Cooley Over Legal Advice - (January 22 2002)
EFF Overview of Broadcast Protection Discussion - Electronic Frontier Foundation
Pressplay hopes to run on Macs this year - CNET (January 18 2002)
CD creator burns copy-protection efforts - CNET (January 18 2002)
Universal Music Prepares for Copy-Protection Complaints - Slashdot (Jan 18 2002)
Windows Media Player 'Super Cookies' Could Help Track Users - Newsbytes
Studios nearing anti-copying tech for TV - CNET (Jan 18 2002)
Why Gnutella Can't Scale...No, Really - Jordan Ritter (January 16 2002)
This could be year for copyright to fight back - Business Day (January 14 2002)
Group looks to head off Napster-like video services - EETimes (Jan 10 2002)
Feds nix pact on Net radio stations - CNET (Jan 10 2002)
A "Speed Bump" vs. Music Copying - Business Week (Jan 10 2002)
Napster CEO touts new swapping service - CNET (Jan 10 2002)
Who's Holding Back Broadband? - Lawrence Lessig Washington Post (Jan 8 2002)
Lawmakers Deaf to Music Reform - Wired (Jan 8 2002)
Online CD Sales May Suffer Static - Brad King, Wired (Jan 8 2002)
D.C. Plays a Little Lobby Music - Wired (Jan 8 2002)
Letter to RIAA & IFPI heads from Congressman Rick Boucher - Dotcom Scoop
Lawmaker: Is CD copy-protection illegal? - CNET (January 5 2002)
MP3 v. the Law: How the Internet Could (But Won't) Become Your Personal Jukebox - (January 5 2002)
Eye on the Music Industry: They still don't get it - DotCom Scoop (January 2 2002)


PressPlayster - A Net Music Parody
KaZaa Ignores Court Order to Shut Down

Keychain MP3 Player Another Contender for World's Smallest
PressPlay will allow its music to be burned on CD
Webnoize Suspends Service
Archos Jukebox Multimedia - Portable MP3 & Movie Player/Recorder
Bokks Portable Movie & MP3 Player
Review: the Rio Volt SP250 MP3/CD Player
Demand for Digital Music Products to Skyrocket
Imation Releases RipGO Portable MP3/CD Player/Burner
Artists to Get Web Royalties Direct
Review: The 128MB Intel Pocket Concert
BBC Testing Ogg Vorbis Streaming - Slashdot (December 26 2001)
2600 Wins Ford Lawsuit: Right to Link Upheld - 2600 (December 22 2001)
Music fans pan subscription services - CNET (December 21 2001)
DOJ eyes online video efforts - CNet (December 21 2001)
Will retailers continue to support copy-protected CDs?
The Word's Out on Copy-protected CDs
Software Allows the Apple iPod to Play on a PC
Morpheus and KaZaa Sued Again
SanDisk to Produce 2Gbit Flash Memory Cards For MP3 Players
The GIDI Digital Jukebox offers 80GB of MP3
340, 512, 1 Gig…GO! e.Digital releases MicroDrive MP3 player You Talk To, EMusic and Others to Merge into One.
Concerts to raise money for battle against record companies - Sac Bee (Dec 20 2001)
Embedding a Windows Media Player - Webmonkey (December 20 2001)
Pressplay comes to life after long wait - CNET (December 18 2001)
Music So Nice, You May Pay Twice - Wired (December 18 2001)
Universal copy-protected CD shuns players - CNET (December 18 2001)
Settlement reached for radio streaming rates - CNET (December 17 2001)
Licensed to Bill - Wired
Why college radio fears the DMCA - Salon (December 14 2001)
Online Music Brings Independence Day for Indie Bands - Wired (December 13 2001)
House Subcommittee Revisits Online Copyrights - NewsBytes (December 13 2001)
Russian Hacker Charges Dropped - Wired (December 13 2001)
Will Gnutella be the next target? - DMusic (December 13 2001)
A New Industry Threat: CD's Made From Webcasts - NY Times (December 12 2001)
MusicNet doesn't rock - Rolling Stone (December 12 2001)
RealOne and MusicNet: A Potential Hit And a Miss on The Music Front - (Dec 7 2001)
Nancy - new light video codec looks to displace MPEG in portable devices - EETimes
Geeknews Interviews LimeWire CTO Greg Bildson - Geeknews (December 2 2001) to tune in new music service - CNET (December 2 2001)
RIAA Cracks Down After Taliban Ousted - BBSpot (November 28 2001)
Court dismisses Professor Felten free-speech lawsuit - CNET (November 28 2001)
Sonicblue to launch DVR, despite suit - CNET (November 28 2001)
Our AVI splitting guide - AfterDawn (November 27 2001)
DVD to DivX guide updated - AfterDawn (November 27 2001)
Why Copyright Laws Hurt Culture - Wired (November 27 2001)
Anti-piracy feud bodes ill for Web music - CNET (November 26 2001)
Follow the Money in the Music Business: Who's Really Making the Dough?
Customers put kibosh on anti-copy CD - CNET (November 20 2001)
Liquid, EMI To Offer 'Untethered' Downloads - Billboard (November 16 2001)
Recording artists file brief supporting Napster - (November 15 2001)
Content Is a Pure Public Good - Content Wire (November 15 2001)
Aimster Launches Subscription Service - Wired (November 14 2001)
EFF to Join Defense in Morpheus Trial
Apple Announces iPod MP3 Portable
FullAudio to Offer Subscriptions - Wired (November 13 2001)
Limewire gets ads, and accusations of spyware - Slashdot (November 13 2001)
Hilary Rosen: O'Reilly P2P and Web Services Conference Speech - (in .pdf format)
EMI Has No Fears of Peers - Wired (November 6 2001)
Glitch in iTunes Deletes Drives - Wired (November 6 (2001)
Apple warns of bug in music software - CNet (November 6 2001)
SSSCA Hearings Postponed
Open Letter: Arguments against the SSSCA
Open Letter: RIAA's Response to Billboard
The Napster version of "Reefer Madness"
KaZaa for Linux
Reciprocal Has Ceased Operations
Hacker Defeats MS Digital Rights Management Scheme
Panasonic Announces Smallest MP3 Player
Zenith's New MP3 Player
Mad as Hell about the DMCA Dies
Napster rivals winning popularity contest - CNET (November 5 2001)
Who, Me? Yeah, You - Dave Marsh, StarPolish (November 5 2001)
P2P Terror - (November 3 2001)
File swapping with instant mesaging - Guardian (November 2 2001)
Winamp locks onto Windows title bars - CNET (November 2 2001)
Letter to the Editor: DMCA - We Can Change A Bad Law - LinuxToday (Nov 2 2001)
Movie industry dealt DVD-cracking blow - CNET (November 1 2001)
Judge Stops AOL 6.0 Distribution After PlayMedia Flap - NewsBytes (October 31 2001)
RIAA Wants Background Checks on CD-RW Buyers - BBspot (October 31 2001)
Court slaps ban on AOL media player - CW360 (October 31 2001)
Judge tells AOL to drop software with MP3 Player - Sun Sentinel (October 31 2001)
Apple iPod Versus Competition: A Comparative Chart - (October 30 2001)
Napster Wants License to License - (October 30 2001)
Europe's Digital Copyright Clampdown - (Oct 27 2001)
Bang and Olufsen Goes MP3 II
Devaluing the Product: Copyright-protected CDs.
A License to Virus - The RIAA Wants to Hack Your PC!
RIAA and MPAA sue Morpheus, Grokster and KaZaa
mp3PRO Plug-in for Winamp released by RCA
PressPlay and MusicNet to Launch
Build Your own Linux-based TV set-top MP3 player - (Oct 27 2001)
The demise of MusicBank goes to heart of licensing issue - (Oct 22)
MusicNet names MTV veteran as CEO - CNET (Oct 22 2001) splits into two - CNET (Oct 20 2001)
Music industry's plans spark concern - CNET (October 19 2001)
Review: Aiwa MM-RX400 MP3 Portable
Intel axes its MP3 division - CNet (October 19 2001)
Will the RIAA Eat Some Worms? - Dave Marsh: Starpolish (October 17 2001)
EU 'threat' over download sites - BBC (Oct 17 2001)
Licensed to Bill - Wired (October 17 2001)
Online music wars inspire new weaponry - CNET (October 16 2001)
Probe of Online Music Business Expands As U.S. Reviews Licensing, Copyright Use
Owning the Future: Content Discontent - MIT Technology Preview (Oct 16 2001)
Napster Judge Blasts MusicNet Practices - Billboard (October 12 2001)
Another Day of Napster Nattering - Wired (October 12 2001)
Winamp 3 Beta Released
Compaq to Release MP3/CD Portable
Intel Releases Second MP3 Portable
The "other" DMCA - CNet (October 10 2001)
File Swapper Ranks Swell by 500 Percent - PC World (October 10 2001)
RIAA: The License Has Landed - Wired (Oct 9 2001)
Music biz wants tougher DMCA, CPRM 2 to protect copyright - The Register
Brits Protest 'copy-protected' CDs - The Register (October 5 201)
MPAA, RIAA File Copyright Infringement Claims - Billboard (October 3 2001)
'N Sync fight the CD pirates - BBC (Oct 2 2001)
EMI Will License Songs to Pressplay - WSJ (October 2 2001)
Tripping the Rippers - CNet (Sept 28 2001)
Publishers trounce Universal in license fight - CNet (Sept 27 2001)
Universal plans protection for all CDs - CNet (Sept 27 2001)
Court Says Universal Music Didn't Get Rights to Songs - WSJ (Sept 27 2001)
Napster Settles Lawsuit Filed by Music Publishers - Washington Post (Sept 25 2001)
Limewire releases Sparky
Universal Takes Over - Immediately Slash Artist Pay 80%
MP3 Over Thin Air
Review: RCA K@zoo MP3 Portable
Rio Releases Two New MP3/CD Players
Senator Hollings Sponsors New Copyright Bill
Woman Sues Over Copy-Protected CDs
FileNavigator Builder 1.0 Released
MP3 adapter for Sony PDA
RIAA Uses Terror Attacks as Opportunity.
Bang and Olufsen Go MP3
Napster, Music Industry Continue Volley Of Legal Briefs - Newsbytes (Sept 18 2001)
Tentative Pact Is Reached For Web-Music Licensing - WSJl (Sept 18 2001)
Complete Control: Stealth CDs - Dave Marsh (Septmber 3 2001)
Napster Clones CRUSH Napster - Take 6 of Top 10 downloads on CNet!
Why artists should be using Ogg Vorbis
Michael Robertson Out as CEO of

SONICblue releases the Rio One
MP3Pro Encoder Released by RCA
Copywrong? - Salon (August 28 2001)
Lesson From the Dead: Keep on Truckin', Napster - LA Times (Aug 27 2001)
Jailed Under a Bad Law [Sklyarov and the DMCA] - Washington Post (Aug 23 2001)
Songwriters sue - Seattle Times (August 23 2001)
Guilty Until Proven Innocent - Fingered by the DMCA Cops
Peter Gabriel launches net music subscriptions - BBC (Augist 22 2001)
Did Napster help boost record sales? - SF Gate (August 9 2001)
We Test Drive the Rio Receiver
Ethernet MP3 Player for Linux
Two New File Trade Programs, Grokster and Voodoo
The End of Innovation? - OpenP2P (August 8 2001)
Fired over MP3s - CNet (August 3 2001)
Why MP3 matters - CW360 (Aug 2 2001)
Lower flash prices boost MP3 players - CNet (Aug 2 2001)
Soundscandal: Rigging the Retail Charts - NewMediaMusic (7/27/01)
Over the Airwaves, Under the Table: Payola Returns - NewMediaMusic (7/27/01)
Supreme Court Ruling May Save Napster
The Personal Music License
Review: Morpheus (Music City)
Ogg Vorbis RC2 Released!
MusicMatch Radio Draws 18,000 Paid Users
Radio Broadcasters Lose in Court
Review: Audiogalaxy
PressPlay to Launch in September
Napster Names New CEO
PlayMedia to build secure player for Napster as it drops MP3 format
Napster wins appeal. Announces new Napster launching soon.
How the RIAA is like the DMV - CNet (7/26/01)
Damn Lies & Statistics - Dave Marsh (7/24/2001)
Music from TV Commercials (U.S. Broadcasts) with samples - ( 7/24/01)
Metallica and Napster Settle
MS Changes Mind. Windows XP will Rip MP3s
Beta Test Philips' New MP3 Boombox
99.4% ain't good enough: Judge to Napster
Interview with Ogg Vorbis team leader Christopher Montgomery - CNet (July/19/01)
Copy-protected CDs quietly slip into stores - CNet news (July 18 2001) Scores Big Airport Deal
Olympus Introduces MP3 Player
MP3 Virus is a Hoax
PressPlay may be close to Microsoft deal.
Movie Studios Sue Aimster
Napster Halts Service
The Media Borg Wants You
Bose Goes MP3
600K Fans Download mp3PRO in First Two Weeks.
Napster Cuts off Millions of Users
Napster's Appeal Denied
Review: Rio 800 Extreme
We Test Drive the Archos Jukebox MP3 player
Yahoo thinks entertainment with Launch buy - CNet (June 28 2001)
We Test Drive the AVC Soul MP3/CD player
MusicNet Naps with Napster
The music revolution will not be digitized - Salon (June 2 2001)
Sue, Settle and Buy. The Net Music Shopping Spree.
Aimster Must Give Up URL to AOL
We Test Drive the Rio Volt MP3/CD Portable Player
Universal Buys
MusicNet and Duet: all music downloads expire after 30 days
Congress: Labels Face Off Against Music Publishers and Songwriters
Napster Looking for Beta Testers for New Pay Format
Big Music's Best Tool Against Napster is DVD
Review: MusicMatch Jukebox 6.0
An Update to Avoid? Napster 2.0 beta 10 Released
Access denied: Companies fight over CD listings, leaving the public behind
Artists Sue
Review: Winamp 2.7x MP3 Player
Denmark to Legalize Music Downloads
Review: Sonique 1.90 MP3 Player
We Test Drive the US Robotics SoundLink
Aimster Sues the Record Industry
Recording industry giants vie for Napster user base - (May 7 2001)
Archos Announces Portable CD/MP3 Player and Burner.
37 Million Americans Trade Music Files
Judge to Napster: "If you can't comply, maybe the system needs to be shut down"!
Court Rules Musicians DO NOT Own the Digital Rights to Their Songs
The Top Tested MP3 Portables For Christmas
The Register Posts Princeton SDMI Hack
We Test Drive the Nike PSA[Play 120 MP3 Portable.
MP3 the Movie
We Test Drive the RCA Lyra 2
A VCR for Internet Radio
Court Math Error may Multiply Award 10X.
Universal Music Group Buys EMusic!
SonicBlue Releases Rio Car In-Dash MP3 Player
Court: to Pay TVT Records $300K
ArtistsDirect Introduces The MP3 Alarm Clock
We Test Drive the Audio ReQuest MP3 Rack Player
EMusic Launches Snoop Software On Napster
Napster Fans to Go to Washington April 3rd
University Kills Napster Teach-in. Chuck D to Join March
An Earthly Idea for Doubling the Airwaves - NY Times (April 8 2001)
Forgot Something? Recording Industry Still Needs Publishers' OK to Launch Online
Napster Hearing, Morissette and Nugent to speak
Canadian to Set Up Napster Clone Offshore to Charge Artists After April 1st
Courtney Love Seeks to Rock Record Labels' Contract Policy
Bertelsmann Chairman Threatens to Close Napster in 15 weeks
Napster Offers $1 Billion Settlement
Europe Passes 'Napster' Law
Did Napster Take Radiohead's New Album to Number 1?
We Test Drive the Creative Nomad Jukebox
Yahoo looks to challenge Napster with music deal - Financial Times (June 28 2001)
MP3 rival to release full version - CNet (June 15 2001)
Poll: Music downloads pre-empt purchases - CNet (June 15 2001)
Webcasters File Licensing Fee Suit - LA Times (June 2 2001)
Online music in hands of superpowers - CBS Marketwatch (May 25 01)
Rethinking Music Security - Wired (May 23 2001)
Device Profile: Hi-Muse -- the ultimate music appliance? - (May 23)
What If Napster Were Based in China? - Fortune (May 21 2001)
14 year-old nabbed for Internet music piracy - CNN (May 16 2001)
Do the Napster math - PC magazine (May 2 2001)
Citing Napster case, tunesmiths accuse labels of double standard - (May 1 2001)
MP3 downloads could rival singles chart - BBC (May 1 2001)
DeCSS fight goes back to court - MSNBC (April, 30 2001)
Priced to Lose? Labels Sell Music Online.
Review: Sony Memory Stick Walkman
Gnutella: Alive, Well, and Changing Fast - (Jan 26 2001)
We Test Drive the Rio 600 Sues
Major MP3 Site Dies
New Treo Digital Music Jukebox Released
Napster: 1999-2001 R.I.P. - Rolling Stone (Feb 6 2001)
Intel to Release 128MB MP3 Player Succumbs
Read an e-book to Your Child, Go to Jail?
Patel Appoints Napster Mediator…Possibly Too Late
Napster Vows to Fight
Court Slaps Napster
EMusic Stock Soars on Napster Ruling
Who Will Buy EMusic com?
Napster May Shut Down Monday.
European Union Votes Against Digital Crackdown Beats Street Estimates Big Time
Independent Artists Hit Napster with Class-Action Suit.
Thomson Upgrades the MP3 Format
SDMI Director Quits
EMusic: New Subscription Service Slow, Loses $8.4 million
Napster to Gut System
Court expected to shut Napster Down March 2nd
Some Web Radio Broadcasts Are Halted Over Fees - NT Times (April 30 2001)
Silent Radio Seeks Online Voice - Wired (April 30 2001)
Uncopyable CD Strikes the Wrong Note - Washington post (April 27 2001)
You just can't stop the music -
Students get support in MP3 case
Like radio, Napster could be hit-maker -
New Economy: Curdled Musical Romance Gets Couples Counseling - NY Times
Microsoft sabotages MP3 quality under Windows XP - The Register (April 12 2001)
University raided in MP3 copyright action - The Register (April 13 2001)
Music Industry Raids Taiwan Campuses For MP3s - Taipei Times (April 13 2001)
Students Rave About PC Music - Wired (April 12 2001)
Boo! And the 100 Other Dumbest Moments in e-Business History - eCompany
Napster executives may face personal lawsuits - Financial Times (April 11 2001)
Subscriptions - Inside (April 4 2001)
Fighting pay-for-play - Salon (April 3 2001)
Sales of MP3 players expected to soar - Wired (March 29 2001)
RIAA: Gnutella not yet a threat - CNet (March 29 2001)
Sales of MP3 players expected to boogie - CNet (March 29 2001)
No Ripping Allowed: First ‘Napster-proof’ CD set to burn - MSNBC (March 27 2001)
Napster: Artists Getting Screwed - Wired (March 23 2001)
Hydra-like, music sharing loses battle, grows more heads -
Judge waves MP3Board suit into court - CNet (March 20 2001)
The Recording Industry's Secret Weapon Exposed -7am News(March 20 2001)
The next Napster? - Salon (March 20 2001)
Jumping on the Napster Train - ZDNet (March 19 2001)
Artists Hope Napster Evolves - Wired (March 5 2001)
Radio stations sue to overturn Webcasting fees - CNET (Jan 27 2001)
Secure Music Initiative Meets in L.A.: Will They Declare Victory and Go Home?
Copyright: Your Right or Theirs? - Wired (Jan 19 2001)
Pirates Beware: We're Watching - Wired News (Jan 3 2001)
New Napster version has flaws - MSNBC (Jan 18 2001)
Why You Can't Sell What You Buy - Wired (Jan 16 2001)
Microsoft preps Napster clone - The Register
PC giants chase digital content cash - National Post (Jan 10 00)
Nader calls for Internet protection group - CNN (Jan 10 00)
Hatch Urges Music Industry to Keep Web Path Open - LA Times (Jan 10 00) Fails To Make The Grade - Newsbytes (Jan 4 2001)


Vitaminic Acquires IUMA
Law Students Reply to Napster Case

I-Jam Announces New Clik! MP3 Player.
RIAA Helps Nab Napster Felon
MP3 Key Chain Released Goes Back Online
Bertelsmann Takes Net Music Crown
EMusic Goes After Napster and Universal Settle for $53.4 million
Bertelsmann seeks to broaden Napster
Diamond Rio Buys Car MP3 Player Company
We Review The Rave Clik! Drive MP3 Portable
New Copyright Office Rule Possible Setback to Fair Use
MP3Board's suit against RIAA Dismissed to Acquire Scour
General Mills to put MP3's in 80 Million Boxes of Cereal
File-swappers get their own private club
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Playboy Poll: Napster Users Buy CD's
Universal Music Group Lays Down the Law for Bluematter.
Judge Rules on Payout Today
Delkin Breaks 400MB Flash Memory Barrier for MP3 Players.
Scour Files For Chapter 11!
Napster Lives for Another Few Weeks
Letters: 10/26/00
RCA Announces First MP3 Shelf Stereo plus Four More MP3 Products.
Congressmen Introduce Bill to Legalize
Sony Forces The Offspring to Cancel MP3 Giveaway
Napster Wins Stay. Stays Alive
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EMI to Release 100 Albums for Digital Download
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Madonna single 'leaked' online - BBC (Jun 2, 2000)
Rio 600 to Ship mid June
Big Music: We will NOT share trial award with Artists
IBM's New 1GB Microdrive Coming to MP3 Portables.
Napster Buys Hired Gun
Creative Announces 6GB MP3 Portable

Why Are There Record Companies?
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Winamp to play Liquid Audio files
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James Brown Goes MP3
Delkin ships 224MB Memory Card for MP3 Players

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Understanding Digital Markets - MIT Sloan School research
Online Music Sales to Hit $5 Bln by 2005 -- Study
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